07 May 2007

Indonesia mob culture

On August 21,1998 in the village of Gabus Kulon in Indramayu DK local dukon was paraded around the village naked before he was beaten up by a mob.
Apparently DK, a primary school teacher, had been sexually molesting his patients, a majority of them women, including teenage girls. The residents decided to spy on him, and caught him in the act. Thus began the naked parade and subsequent beating. DK was turned over to the police.

In Cileungsi in southern West Java MK a battery factory worker was attacked and murdered by a mob. Apparently the residents of this village had been complaining about the dumping of chemicals by the factory and decided to get revenge on the company by attacking its headquarters. MK became the representative of the company. He was stripped naked and beaten as the residents burned the security outpost, destroyed three cars and ransacked the office on July 28, 2000

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