31 August 2006

Captured by amazon-Paraded naked

Orithia, Queen of the Amazons, leads the magnificent triumphal
procession through the gates of Themiscrya, the capital city of the
Amazon Empire. She is followed by the ten thousand warrior women of the
triumphant Amazon army. Each Amazon leads two or more conquered male
warriors by a leash that is fastened either around his neck or around
his testicles. All of these men have been stripped naked by the women
who have conquered them. The wrists of each man is securely bound behind
his back with a rawhide thong. Though the head of each man is bowed in a
posture of humiliation and shame, he still towers above she who leads
him naked upon a leash as though he were a dog…………………

Throngs of women line both sides of the streets as these conquered male
slaves are paraded naked before them. And the women taunt and tease
these men and they make cruel sport of them. The penis of every man has
swelled into a throbbing erection. Thus does he reveal to the multitude
of women that he is being paraded naked before his secret inner craving
to be conquered and then dominated by a member of the superior female
sex, and to bear the weight of her foot upon his neck. A woman of
Themiscrya knows well the meaning of an erect penis on a vanquished male
enemy. Thus are these men greeted by wolf whistles and cat calls from
the daughters of Amazonia…………

At the very head of the procession my headless carcass lies upon it’s
back upon my huge bronze shield as it is carried by six of my mightiest
warriors. The heads of these six once proud men are bent in a posture of
humiliation and shame as they march naked through the streets of
Themiscrya. A haughty Amazon warrior walks on either side of the shield.
Each of these two women makes sure that the three men who are under her
domination stay in step as these men stagger under the weight of the
heavy bronze shield that they bear upon their shoulders………

Orithia, Queen of the Amazons, stands triumphant upon the shield with
one foot placed arrogantly upon my chest. The daughters of the Amazon
Nation give their Queen a thunderous ovation as she holds my severed
head high in the air for all to see. At last my senses fade to
blackness. And the last thought that remains in my mind is the
realization that Madame Zara’s prophesy has indeed come true! For I have
now entered the great Amazon city of Themiscrya with my head held


Meantime the whole city was in arms, and Lorenzo de’ Medici accompanied by many armed men had returned to his house. The palace was recovered by the people, and those who had seized it were all captured and put to death, and the name of the Medici was shouted throughout the whole city; whilst the heads and limbs of the conspirators were paraded on pikes or dragged through the streets, and the Pazzi were pursued by everybody with violent abuse and acts of cruelty. Their houses were already in the possession of the populace, and Francesco was dragged naked from his bed and led to the palace, and there hung by the side of the Archbishop and the others. But it was impossible either on the way there or afterwards to induce Francesco by any degree of maltreatment to say one word of what had been said or done by the conspirators; and fixedly looking in another direction he sighed in silence without one word of complaint. Guglielmo dei Pazzi, brother-in-law of Lorenzo, was saved in Lorenzo’s house, both on account of his innocence and through the influence of his wife Bianca. Every citizen, armed or not, called at Lorenzo’s house on this occasion to offer him his personal service or his substance; such was the power and public favor which the house of Medici had acquired by their prudence and liberality. Rinato dei Pazzi was living in retirement at his villa when these disturbances occurred. When he heard of the affair, he attempted to fly in disguise, but was recognized on the road and captured and carried to Florence; and although he repeatedly entreated his captors to kill him on the road, yet he could not prevail upon them to do it. Messers Jacopo and Rinato were condemned to death, and executed four days after the attempt upon the Medici. Amongst the many persons that were killed during those days, and whose limbs encumbered the highways, Messer Rinato was the only one that excited commiseration; for he had ever been regarded as a wise and good man, and was known to be free from that pride of which the other members of the Pazzi family were accused. And so that these events might not fail to serve as an extraordinary example, Messer Jacopo, who at first was buried in the tomb of his ancestors, was removed thence, like an excommunicated person, and interred outside of the city walls. And even from there his body was taken and dragged naked through the entire city with the very rope with which he had been hanged; and then, as though unfit to be buried in the earth, the same persons who had dragged the body through the streets of Florence, cast it into the waters of the river Arno, which were at that moment unusually high. A truly memorable instance of the instability of fortune, for a man to fall from such a position of wealth and prosperity, to such a depth of misfortune, ruin, and disgrace. Messer Jacopo dei Pazzi was said to have had some vices, amongst others gaming and swearing, which were compensated for, however, by his many charities, for he gave most liberally to the churches and the poor. It may also be said in his favor, that, on the Saturday preceding the Sunday that was devoted to so many murders, he discharged all his debts, so as to save others from being involved in his misfortunes; and returned with the most scrupulous care to the real owners all the goods which he had in his own and in the public warehouse belonging to others. Giovan Battista da Montesecco was beheaded after a lengthy examination; Napoleone Franzesi escaped by flight from the punishment of death; Guglielmo dei Pazzi was exiled; and such of his cousins as remained alive were imprisoned in the lowest dungeons of the castle of Volterra. All these disturbances being thus ended and the conspirators punished, the obsequies of Giuliano de’ Medici were celebrated with general lamentations; for he had possessed as much liberality and humanity as could be desired in any one born to such high fortune. He left a natural son, born a few months after his death, who was named Giulio, and who had all the virtues and good fortune now known to the whole world,* and of whom we shall speak more fully when we come to the affairs of the present day if God spares our life. The troops that had been collected under Giovan Francesco da Tolentino in the Romagna, and under Messer Lorenzo da Castello in the Val di Tevere, and who were already on the march to Florence to support the conspirators, returned home when they heard of the disastrous failure of the enterprise

30 August 2006

Spencer Compton- Earl Northampton corpse paraded naked street

In the meantime, Lord Hastings had refortified Ashby-de-la-Zouch, requiring another assault on the town on Jan 17th, 1643. However, when Col. Gell and his council heard that Prince Rupert was arriving to retake the town, they decided to withdraw. On February 24th, 1643, in answer to another request for aid form the earl of Essex, Major Molanus with 500 foot went off to Burton upon Trent and then to Newark. In spite of having entered the town and "mastered the workes," Major Molanus felt betrayed by the commander in chief, Major General Ballard, who ordered a retreat, resulting in the loss of some 50 men, one drake and most of their ordinance (i.e., artillery). He gave his report to Col. Gell at Litchfield where the remainder of his troops had just secured Litchfield Close.

Immediately thereafter, the troops marched to Hopton Heath against the Earl of Northampton. In spite of being abandoned by the horse guard under Sir William Brereton, Col. Gell's 1500 foot soldiers, strategically protected by a rabbit warren, withstood an assault of 1200 mounted soldiers in which the Earl was killed. Demoralized, the Royalists fled in panic. Victorious, but suffering heavy losses, Col. Gell's forces retreated to Uttoxeter where they rested for three days. In spite of their victory, over 200 had either been killed or taken prisoner, most of their artillery had been captured, and their baggage and ammunition abandoned. Back at his headquarters at Derby, Col. Gell paraded the naked corpse of the Earl of Northampton through the streets before allowing for burial in the family vault. Needless to say, this was considered by all to be a shameful episode of the war.

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29 August 2006

Torture Murder and Cannibalism: Congo

Torture Murder and Cannibalism:
"how two UN men died in Congo"
By Declan Walsh in Bunia, D R Congo
02 June 2003

Death, when it came, must have been a relief for the two UN soldiers. Stationed at an isolated gold mine in war-racked Ituri province, they were supposed to be observing peace yet fell victim to some of the worst horrors of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When the bodies of Major Safwat Oran of Jordan and Captain Siddon Davis Banda of Malawi were finally recovered, their UN colleagues were aghast. Their corpses were covered in cigarette burns, shot in the head and had their sexual organs cut off.

The circumstances of the murders in Ituri, northeastern Congo, last month are still under UN investigation. But details are emerging. They will give pause for thought to the 1,400 troops, some of them British, many of them French, due to deploy this week to rescue the blighted UN mission.

On 6 May a vicious battle erupted in Bunia, 40 miles to the south, the prized town at the heart of Ituri's ethnic cauldron. Militiamen from the Hema and Lendu tribes drew blood with guns, knives, spears and poisoned arrows. Within a week, more than 430 people would die.

A week later Mongbwalu, a once thriving but now desolate gold-mining centre, was still calm. But the townspeople, also fearing an attack, began to flee. So did the two UN military observers, according to a local aid worker who helped recover their bodies. Major Oran and Capt Davis Banda sent a radio message to their superiors in Kisangani, 400 miles to the west across a swathe of impenetrable bush. Later in the day, they were carrying their bags from their house - once home to the Belgian mine boss - when Lendu fighters tackled them. Accusing them of collaborating with the Hema, they carried them off. The two soldiers were never again seen alive.

The following Sunday night a helicopter carrying their remains flew into Bunia airport using car headlights as a guide. A Belgian priest, Father Joe Deneckere, was there. "The smell was truly awful. It remained with me for days afterwards," he said yesterday.

King Abdullah II of Jordan sent a special plane to Kinshasa to recover Major Oran's body; Capt Davis Banda was returned to Malawi aboard a UN flight. A horrified UN condemned the "savage" killings of its observers, whose severed sexual organs - according to some reports the hearts and livers were also missing - raised the possibility of cannibalism.

During the battle for Bunia, some victims' remains were badly mutilated; some fighters wore penises and kidneys around their necks as magic amulets. Last December, during fighting for control of Mambasa, there were 12 confirmed cases of cannibalism, UN investigators said.

Other Sources:

U.N. Says It Has Evidence Of Cannibalism, Identifies Staff's Killers

Monday, June 02, 2003

The United Nations has uncovered evidence of cannibalism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, U.N. spokesman Madnodje Mounoubai told Associated Press yesterday. Mounoubai said the evidence included "photographs and information" collected by investigators that would be made public "in due time."

Mounoubai also said U.N. investigators had identified the killers of two unarmed military observers whose bodies were discovered May 18. Other U.N. officials cited by AP said Major Sarwat Oran of Jordan and Captain Siddon Davis Banda of Malawi were tortured by having their genitals cut off before being shot in the head (Rodrique Ngowi, AP/London Guardian, June 2).

Cannibalism in Congo

The remains of two brutally murdered military observers, Major Safwat al Oran, 37, (Jordan) and Captain Siddon Davis Banda, 29, (Malawi), serving with the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) are recovered from Mongwalu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But in May, two United Nations military observers stationed in northeastern Congo at an outpost near Bunia, a town not far from Beni, were killed by a local tribal militia. The peacekeepers' bodies were split open and their hearts, livers and testicles taken -- common signs of cannibalism. Battles for control of Bunia last spring, waged between the Lendu tribe and their rivals, the Hema, left more signs. To follow the U.N.'s news bulletins about Congo is to come across lines like this: ''Mayi-Mayi militiamen accused of cannibalism were disarmed last weekend in the Haut Lomani District'' in the country's southeast. And in a recently released report, U.N. investigators documented 12 incidents of cannibalism during the failed rebel advance on Beni -- by an army from yet another region of the country -- that overtook Amuzati's family late last fall.

More in-deph information from the above story

Sunday August 17, 2003
The Observer

They knew it could happen. The two middle-ranking officers, observers with the United Nations mission in Congo, had already warned their headquarters. They called again saying: 'Get us out of here - we're going to get killed.'

Drunken, red-eyed youths and heavily armed children high on marijuana fingered their weapons, flashed their knives. They hungrily peered in on the two unarmed volunteers in a remote outpost of the $2 million-a-day mission to Congo.

Major Safwat al Oran, 37, from Jordan, and Captain Siddon Davis Banda, 29, from Malawi, waited patiently. For six days they strained their hearing and searched the skies for a UN helicopter. It was only a 35-minute ride from its heavily guarded base. They locked themselves in their little compound knowing there was no way they could drive to safety in Bunia about 30 miles away, through the militia.

Their pleas for rescue increased in urgency. They began to fear the incredible - that the UN would not get to them in time. The Lendu militia, like their enemies the Hema, have a well-earned reputation for cannibalism. They began to inch closer.

The helicopter did eventually turn up. It picked up the major and the young captain - but by then they were rotting in a ditch.

Someone had burnt them with cigarettes, and cut out their brains, hearts, livers and testicles. 'Our assumption is that at least parts of these men were indeed eaten,' said a senior UN source involved in the internal inquiry into why the unarmed officers were left to die.

No inquiry has been conducted into why the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country the size of Western Europe, has been abandoned like those two UN officers.

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28 August 2006

Palestinian forced to stripped in public

Meanwhile, three Israeli soldiers forced a Palestinian man to strip naked
at gunpoint and walk like a dog in a West Bank city under curfew,
Palestinian witnesses said yesterday.

A Reuters photographer snapped Yasser Sharaf, 25, standing naked in a cold,
muddy street in Nablus on Sunday as two men were handing him clothes to put
on and two Israeli armoured vehicles were pulling away from the scene.

Sharaf declined to comment yesterday about the incident.

Israeli military sources denied that Sharaf was forced to strip, saying
checks with soldiers involved determined that he had been ordered only to
raise his shirt to show whether he was carrying explosives.

"When he saw members of the media in the area, he decided to undress
completely," a military source said.
Witnesses including two Palestinian firemen said Israeli soldiers stopped
Sharaf after spotting him walking in a street in violation of curfew and,
"pointing their rifles at him, ordered him to start stripping".

"Yasser told them he had nothing to hide but they continued shouting and
readied their rifles to shoot," fireman Samir El Lifdawi said by telephone
from Nablus.

"They forced Yasser to take off all his clothes including his
underwear...They ordered him to walk like a dog and then he burst into
tears," Lifdawi said.

He said he watched the incident unfold from a fire station a few metres
away. A colleague, Sultan Al Minawi, provided the same account.

"He kept crying and was in a very stressful situation... "Many residents,
including women, watched him and he was very embarrassed," Minawi said.

Palestinian civilians have often complained of being humiliated and abused
by Israeli troops who have reoccupied Palestinian-administered West Bank
cities to combat an uprising for statehood spearheaded by armed fighters.
The army says strict controls on Palestinian residents are necessary
because militants hide among the population and wear civilian clothing when
they carry out martyrdom attacks.

Scenes of Palestinians rolling up their shirts to prove they are not hiding
bomb belts have become frequent since the Israeli Army swept into West Bank
cities in June after a spate of attacks which have killed scores of Israeli

Sunday's incident in Nablus would be the first time a Palestinian was
reported to have been ordered to strip naked in a security operation.
Palestinian civilians have complained of being ordered to strip to their
underwear at roadblocks.


New student initiation-Stripped paraded naked stabbed- India

An Indian student was stripped, paraded naked, stabbed and beaten in a gruesome college initiation ceremony in the the eastern state of West Bengal, it was reported yesterday. "Ragging" or a rite of passage for new students is common in most Indian colleges. First year student Sandipan Bandopadhyay's nightmare began on Tuesday when he was accosted by a group of 20 senior students at the Jalpaiguri Engineering College. They allegedly tied a collar around his neck, forced him to strip and then paraded him naked on campus, New Delhi Television reported. The seniors then stabbed him and beat him with iron rods and bicycle chains. Bandopadhyay survived and managed to escape from campus.

Cannibalism of captured Allied pilots

FLOYD HALL, one of the victims of japanese cannibalism.

What happened to Jimmy Dye, Floyd Hall, Marve Mershon, Warren Earl Vaughan, Dick Woelhof, Grady York, , Glenn Frazier, and the anonymous B-24 crewman

The horrific fate of the other eight "flyboys" was established in subsequent war crimes trials on the island of Guam, but details were sealed in top secret files in Washington to spare their families distress.

Mr Bradley has established that they were tortured, beaten and then executed, either by beheading with swords or by multiple stab-wounds from bayonets and sharpened bamboo stakes. Four were then butchered by the island garrison's surgeons and their livers and meat from their thighs eaten by senior Japanese officers.

A radio operator, Marve Mershon, was marched to a freshly dug grave, blindfolded, and made to kneel for beheading by sword, testified a Japanese soldier, named as Iwakawa, at the war crimes trial. "When the flyer was struck, he did not cry out, but made a slight groan."

The next day a Japanese officer, Major Sueo Matoba, decided to include American flesh in a sake-fuelled feast he laid on for officers including the commander-in-chief on the island, Gen Yoshio Tachibana. Both men were later tried and executed for war crimes.

A Japanese medical orderly who helped the surgeon prepare the ingredients said: "Dr Teraki cut open the chest and took out the liver. I removed a piece of flesh from the flyer's thigh, weighing about six pounds and measuring four inches wide, about a foot long."

Another crewman, Floyd Hall, met a similar fate. Adml Kinizo Mori, the senior naval officer on Chichi Jima, told the court that Major Matoba brought "a delicacy" to a party at his quarters - a specially prepared dish of Floyd Hall's liver.

According to Adml Mori, Matoba told him: "I had it pierced with bamboo sticks and cooked with soy sauce and vegetables." They ate it in "very small pieces", believing it "good medicine for the stomach", the admiral recalled.

A third victim of cannibalism, Jimmy Dye, had been put to work as a translator when, several weeks later, Capt Shizuo Yoshii - who was later tried and executed - called for his liver to be served at a party for fellow officers. Parts of a fourth airman, Warren Earl Vaughn, were also eaten and the remaining four were executed, one by being clubbed to death

Japanese atrocities against Pows

Lieutenant General Joshio Tachibana, Imperial Japanese Army, and 11 other Japanese military personnel were tried for the beheadings of two American airmen in August, 1944, on Chichi Jima in the Bonin Islands.[5] They were beheaded on Tachibana's orders. One of the executed airmen, a U. S. Navy radioman third class, was dissected and his "flesh and viscera" eaten by Japanese military personnel. The U. S. also tried Vice Admiral Mori and a Major Matoba for murder in the deaths of five U. S. airmen, in February, 1945. Major Matoba confessed to cannibalism. However, military and international law had no provisions for punishment for cannibalism per se. They were accused of murder and "prevention of honorable burial."

Other story:
Honcho had been placed in the cage after Nishikawa, a Formosan civilian investigating the disappearance of a pig from the sty, had discovered pieces of pork in the prisoner's cup and plate - evidence which had given Honcho no option but to admit he had killed the pig and distributed it among his fellow prisoners.
When Hiong went to the latrines at about 6.30am on the day after Honcho's arrest he saw the prisoner, smoking a cigarette, sitting on a chair outside the Japanese office, flanked by guards Hinata Genzo and Fukuda Nobtio, About 20 minutes later, as Hiong returned, he saw that Honcho, dressed only in a loin-cloth and very weak, was being helped along by the same two guards. Moritake, carrying a hammer, brought up the rear. Hiong watched as the small procession stopped at a large wooden cross, erected about 75 metres from the cookhouse and 30 metres from the office.
Hinata supported the prisoner firmly against the upright while Moritake mounted a small stool which Nishikawa had brought from the office. Then, while Hinata pressed his body against the victim to hold him still, Mortitake drove a long nail into the palm of the prisoner's outstretched right hand. He ordered Hinata to stuff a piece of rag into Honcho's mouth to stifle his screams. Moritake repeated the process with the left hand, then nailed both the prisoner's feet to a horizontal board on which he was standing. Finally Moritake drove a 20-centimetre-long nail through the centre of Honcho's forehead. He then took a butcher's knife and cut two pieces of flesh from the prisoner's abdomen, which he set aside on a wooden board brought especially for the purpose.
Donning a rubber glove, he slit the torso from neck to navel, removing the liver and the heart, which he cut in two. He had just finished slicing away more flesh from the thighs, arms and abdomen when, Hiong, hiding under the barracks, heard the Japanese cook calling him from the kitchen.
When Hiong emerged ten minutes later, on the pretext of wanting to urinate, he heard Moritake, still at the cross, shout for Nishikawa who then hurried off in the direction of the Number 2 Compound. He returned about 30 minutes later with two POWs who were ordered to pick up the board and its grisly exhibits.
The prisoners, escorted by Moritake and his three henchmen, were marched back across the road to the camp where the other prisoners had been lined up. The remains of the corpse were left hanging on the cross to decompose.
In the middle of July, Moritake piled wood faggots around the remains, saturated everything with kerosene and set it all alight, destroying all physical evidence of his appalling crime. The prisoners, of course, were of no consequence as Moritake had no intention of leaving any witnesses.

"Honcho" was later identified from the informants earlier description as Capt. J.
Mills of the British Army.

The Australians troops were horrified to find that the Japanese had been eating both the wounded and dead Australians who had been left behind on the previous day. Corporal Bill Hedges describes the ghastly scene:

"The Japanese had cannibalised our wounded and dead soldiers..We found them with meat stripped off their legs and half-cooked meat in the Japanese dishes (pots)".

One of Corporal Hedges closest comrades was among the butchered bodies. He said:

"I was heartily disgusted and disappointed to see my good friend lying there, with the flesh stripped off his arms and legs; his uniform torn off him."

Shortly afterwards, the Australian corporal was appalled to discover that the Japanese had not resorted to cannibalism because of starvation. He said:

"We found dumps with rice and a lot of tinned food. So they weren't starving and having to eat flesh because they were hungry."

The quotations by Corporal Hedges come from "Horror in the East" by Laurence Rees, a BBC publication (2001). This book is essential reading for anyone hoping to try to understand Japanese war atrocities.

Australian Pilot beheaded-WW2 Japan

NOTE:The photo shows a captured Australian Sargeant Leonard Siffleet being beheaded by Yasuno Chikao in Aitape, New Guinea on October 24, 1943; from the Australian War Memorial.

B-29 Crew member Vivisection, Experimented by the Japanese

Marvin S. Watkins, William R. Fredericks, Howard T. Shingledecker, Charles M. Kearns, Dale E. Plambeck
Robert C. Johnson, Teddy J. Ponczka, Robert B. Williams, Leon E. Czarnecki, Leo C. Oeinck, John C. Colehower

On May 5, 1945, an American B-29 bomber was flying with a dozen other aircraft after bombing Tachiaral Air Base in southwestern Japan and beginning the return flight to the island fortress of Guam.
The prisoners were eight American airmen, knocked out of the sky over southern Japan during the waning months of World War U, and then torn apart organ by organ while they were still alive.

One of the Americans died when the cords of his, parachute were severed by another Japanese plane. A second was alive when he reached the ground. He shot all but his last bullet at the villagers coming toward him, then used the last on himself.

Two others were quickly stabbed or shot to death.

At least nine were taken into custody.

B-29 crews were despised for the grim results of their raids. So some of the captives were beaten.

Teddy Ponczka was the first to be handed over to the doctors and their assistants. He had already been stabbed, in either his right shoulder or his chest. According to Tono, the American assumed he was about to be treated for the wound when he was taken to an operating room.But the incision went far deeper. A doctor wanted to test surgery's effects on the respiratory system, so one lung was removed. The wound was stitched closed. Tono remembers events differently. The first experiment was followed by a second, he says. Ponczka was given intravenous injections of sea water, to determine if sea water could be used as a substitute for sterile saline solution, used to increase blood volume in the wounded or those in'shock. Tono held the bottle of sea water. He says Ponczka bled to death

26 August 2006

Jericho humiliation

The Jericho Humiliation

President Mahmoud Abbas received another slap in the face from Israel, the USA and the United Kingdom when they failed to coordinate with him the urgency of the situation in the Jericho prison. Formally on March 8, a letter signed by Jake Walles, the US Consul General and John Jenkins the UK Consul General, was sent to Mahmoud Abbas and possibly a copy to the Israeli government. The letter did not reflect the urgency of the situation, specially the issue of the safety of the monitors-jailers. Jericho was safe and secure, and Palestinian officials treated the letter in a routine fashion, and expected to negotiate the issues. The abrupt departure of the monitors, and immediate siege of the prison by Israeli forces indicated collusion.

The humiliation of the police force stripped naked as they surrendered backlashed in the face of the President who was out of the country in Europe fund raising for the cash starved PA, unable to pay yet the February salaries of its employees.

Cannibal victim

Ninety minutes later, Brian was beginning to regain consciousness. Things were slowly coming into focus. He realized that he was hanging upside down by his ankles. His wrists were suspended on either side of his body by ropes from the ceiling, keeping them a foot away from his hips.
Brian moved his head to look below him. He saw a large drain directly beneath his suspended body. It was obvious that he was hanging in a basement. Hearing a metallic sound to his right, Brian turned his head. He saw Mike sorting through some metal instruments. Mike was naked except for a white plastic apron covering his front side. Brian knew his young life was about to come to an end. Tears filled his eyes, before falling to the drain below. He began to moan.

“Just in time,” said Mike, picking up a large knife. “Guess you’re wondering what’s going to become of you.” Brian saw the knife and struggled uselessly against the ropes.

“Not many people know just how delicious human flesh is,” said Mike, squeezing one of Brian’s meaty legs, “Especially the beefy flesh of a muscular college jock, like yourself.”

Brian nearly passed out. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Now he knew what had become of all the college boys who had disappeared over the past couple of years. His beautiful body was about to be butchered and devoured by this cannibal. Mike stooped down and grabbed the back of Brian’s head. The boy was screaming into the gag in his mouth as Mike slit his young throat.
Blood splattered the floor surrounding the drain. Wet gurgling noises came from the deep wound in Brian’s neck as his struggling lessened. Soon, there was no more struggling at all -- just a lot of blood pouring into the drain.

Mike slid a five-gallon bucket in front of the hanging jock. He took the knife and cut away Brian’s healthy cock and balls, setting them on a nearby table. Then he slit open the boy’s belly, carefully slicing through the thick ab muscles. He began pulling out internal organs, letting them drop into the bucket. Before long, Brian was completely gutted.

Douglas Brian Peterson paraded in Vietnam

Upon ejection and subsequent parachute landing (I landed in a tree), I
sustained multiple injuries - broken shoulder, arm, severely dislocated
knee, compression fractures of both ankles plus cuts and bruises. I was, of
course, incapacitated and only semi-conscious prior to my actual capture
which occurred within a few hours after landing. I was captured by a large
search party from a near-by village, consisting of mostly civilians armed
with spears, hoes, shovels, etc. A few men were armed with military rifles.
Their actions were pretty typical for the time - rough and determined; much
anger. I was immediately stripped of everything except my undershorts, my
clothes virtually being ripped off. The prize was my wrist watch. Without
regard for injuries (the darkness was a definite disadvantage to me), I was
tied with ropes and led or perhaps a better word is dragged, to the nearest
hamlet. Incidentally, the Vietnamese are experts in the use of ropes.
Interrogation began immediately. At dawn I was loaded on a very old
motorcycle with side car and paraded through several villages, which
resulted in further injury. It was actually a relief to finally arrive at my
new "home", the Hanoi Hilton. This relief was short lived as interrogation
once again began immediately. I remained in the interrogation room for four

Dead Biker

22 August 2006

Officer Ricci torments

He grinned at the helpless young policeman, still bound hand and foot. The CFers holding him dropped him to the floor. Jake again spoke up: "I'll be your guide during your visit to Hell. I have been assigned as your main trainer and it is my responsibility to use all of our very ample resources to reduce you to a slobbering sex slaveJake ran his hands over Ricci's hairy, big chest, skirting around his nipples. Then he grabbed Ricci's right nip and twisted it sharply. Jake smirked at him: "Our program is simple. We break your mind and your body. That's all there is to it. We break your mind by humiliation and sexual defilement." With one quick swipe of his hand he stripped off Ricci's briefs, leaving him naked. The CFers whistled and hooted when they saw Ricci's big cock and balls. Jake grabbed Ricci's cock and pulled on the half-hard shaft: Then he added: "There will be a change this time. We've broken many blueboys in the past, but this time we're going to make a documentary out of it. We're going to videotape your training! You'll be a star! We'll make a lot of money selling it on the web, and, we'll be sending a copy back to your precinct office, along with selected still shots. I think your fellow coppers and roach bosses will enjoy seeing you get fucked and screaming under the whip!"

Sacrifice- Fiction

The altar men carried the struggling Bryan to the marble altar. They held him as two naked black muscular attendants entered from the preparation room. They raised the large wooden cross off its base and laid it on top of the altar. The six men wrested the screaming Bryan onto the cross, holding him down on it with his arms stretched out over the shorter crossmember. Bryan’s whole body was trembling by this time with fear of the unknown.

You are honored above all men, for these are the nails from the Christus death cross. They were passed down from bishop to bishop, directly from the hands of St. Antonius.”
I held one of the shorter spikes against Bryan’s left wrist. His face went pale as I raised the olive mallet above my head.

I crossed to the other side and drove the other short spike into his right wrist, which emitted a fresh geyser of blood and shattered bits of bone and muscle gore.

I reached back into the relic drawer and drew out a crown of thorns. This crown was made of steel, with barbs placed so that they would pierce the skull in several places. I forced it onto Bryan’s head. His eyes rolled freely in their sockets.

Sacrifice was about to end. The bishop handed me his golden spear and I lunged forward and embedded it under Bryan’s ribcage. His mouth opened and a torrent of bloody vomit fell from it. I managed to catch it on my face and reveled in it. Congregants began withdrawing stones from boxes under the pews and throwing them at Bryan. His body winced and twisted on the cross, but he had no defense. The altar men regained self control and began prodding his torso with their spears, leaving small bloody gashes everywhere. I raised the mallet again and smashed his kneecaps, leaving his legs hanging limply from his hips. He was muttering gibberish and could no longer focus his eyes. One of the altar men pierced his right eye with the lance and laughed as the jelly-like contents of the eyeball coursed down Bryan’s cheek. Another jabbed his spear into Bryan’s anus, sawing back and forth as a volley of bloody shit and guts fell down the crossI picked up the lance and looked at the bishop. He nodded. All fell silent as I positioned the tip at Bryan’s flaccid cock. I began to hack at it and Bryan began whimpering weakly. A flow of blood poured from the gash, and with a few more strokes, the cock and balls fell to the floor.

Blessed Be St. Antonius, Killer of the Christus, Patron of Bodily Cruelty and Ultimate Desecration and Condemnation

20 August 2006

Teen tortured stripped by police

Steven E, 16, was accused of pick-pocketing 500 kina (NZ$240) from a soldier. Three policemen beat him.

“I was covered in blood. They also hit me with a gun butt and made me go into the sea. They told me to wash the blood off before I got into the vehicle,” he said.

They threw him into the truck and drove off and then showed him off in the town, using a loudspeaker to tell people they had caught a criminal. They said: “This pig—we are going to take him and kill him.”

At the police station he was beaten, cut with scissors and burnt with cigarettes. He was stripped naked and displayed to other police, including a woman officer.

“I admitted everything to the police. Before they put me in the cell, I admitted everything.”

Man stripped naked lashed in public

George Darko Akoto,
Service Manager of the Tema branch of GNTC Motors, wasarrested on 11thMay, 1983 on suspicion of stealing car plugs. On the orders of Sgt Mensah,Regional Police PDC Chairman, and Cpl Atsu of the Ghana Army, Akoto was stripped naked inthe full view of the public, including his wife and visiting friends, and given 28 lashes on hisback by Atsu. Akoto was also attacked by other inmates of his cell at the offices of the PDC atTema, popularly called The White House. During the nine days he was in custody, Atsu andother soldiers would come for him from time to time and kick and beat him up. Although Akotodied before he could give evidence before the Commission, he submitted medical reports whichsatisfy us that he was severely assaulted while in custody.

Tied and tortured in Sumatra

cant find story behind this.

Revenge murder in Brazil

This guy was murder with 36 stuck knives in his body. According to the Police, it was murder by the dealer Celsinho da Vila Vintém, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, two weeks after it having assassinated the brother of Celsinho as revenge\'

Policemen kidnapped and tortured by rebels

Murdered Iraqi youth


Cant find the story behind this one

NERO's end

The third tyrant, Gaius Caligula, was slain by his attendants. Tiberius Claudius, fifth in line from Julius, although he avoided tyranny, came to his end, like the other Tiberius, with unmistakable signs of poison. Nero, the sixth from Julius and
the most monstrous and disgusting of all, had the following end.

After he had been offended by the ugliness of the old buildings and the narrowness and crookedness of the streets, and therefore burned down the city, as has been told above, all the people turned from him, as Suetonius Tranquillus relates, and when on entering his chamber he looked about for an assassin and found none, for everyone had departed, "Well then," he said, "have I neither a friend nor an enemy?" Later, shortly before he stabbed himself, he bade a grave to be dug in his presence to fit the size of his body, and that there should be placed in it such bits of marble as could be found and that water and wood should be collected for embalming his corpse, and at each step in the preparations he wept and repeated again and again, "In my death what an artist perishes!" When he heard that he had been condemned by the Senate to torture, he asked what the nature of it was. And when he had learned that he was to be stripped naked and his neck inserted into a fork and his body beaten with rods until he was dead, he seized in terror two daggers which he had brought away with him, and trying the edge of each, hid them again, pleading that it was not yet the fatal hour. And at one moment he urged Sporus to begin a lament, and at the next begged that some one would give him courage to die by dying with him as an example. And meanwhile from time to time he upbraided his own cowardice in these words, "I live foully, I die shamefully." And now the horsemen were already drawing near who were commanded to bring him away alive. When he perceived this, he drove the steel into his throat, and in him there thus came to an end the whole House of the Cæsars. But that none may suppose that the law which permits such action against tyrants applies only to that family, Vitellius, the ninth in line from Julius (Galba and Otho having intervened between Nero and Vitellius), was shamefully dragged forth from the cubbyhole in which he had hid himself, and after being led naked along the Via Sacra with

the crowd everywhere throwing dung at his face, was torn into minute fragments by the Roman People at the Gemonian stairs, and then dragged by a hook into the Tiber.

Crusaders captured and beheaded by Arabs

The admiral Lulu himself was in the kill. The battle ended in the desdtruction or capture of all the crusaders, far as they from help and from their native lands and Italy. A few tattered fugitives may have got away and staggered home to Kerak by devious ways through the desert. The arab chronicler says that 176 knights were taken prisoners. Reanaud was apparently not there but in the north. There were no Geneva regulations for prisoners in those days.

Stripped naked as usual, and tied with chains on camel back, A selection of prisoners was at once to Mecca and Hedina to be paraded before execution. The execution itself took place at Mina, The famous road station of moslem pilgrims, where every pilgrim must sacrifice a sheep on the way. Here at this Mohammedan Golgotha, in the presence of vast crowd of Arabs, the knights of the cross had their throat cut as a thanks offering to God for saving the holy cities.

The rest of the captives were taken back by Lulu to Egypt. Saladin had written to him that all were to be beheaded so that none could be left alive who knew the Red sea routes. These prisoner apparently distributed through the main cities of egypt. Ibn Jubeir actually witnessed, in Alexandria, a vast crowd assembled to see their arrival. Chained on to camels facing the tail, They were led to execution to the sound of drums and cymbals and were beheaded.

Col James Hughes story

Black lynched naked by mob

Paraded naked on a donkey

The possessions of a certain Bábí in Káshán were plundered, and his household scattered and dispersed. They stripped him naked and scourged him, defiled his beard, mounted him face backwards on an ass, and paraded him through the streets and bazaars with the utmost cruelty, to the sound of drums, trumpets, guitars, and tambourines. A certain gabr who knew absolutely naught of the world or its denizens chanced to be seated apart in a corner of a caravansary. When the clamor of the people rose high he hastened into the street, and, becoming cognizant of the offence and the offender, and the cause of his public disgrace and punishment in full detail, he fell to making search, and that very day entered the society of the Bábís, saying, “This very ill-usage and public humiliation is a proof of truth and the very best of arguments. Had it not been thus it might have been that a thousand years would have passed ere one like me became informed.”

full story on this site:

Negro lynching

African American male standing on buggy, The defiant victim of this mob is forced to pose on a buggy for the camera. Stripped, deep lacerations and wounds, his handcuffed hands placed to cover his genitals. The handcuffs bite into his inflamed lower arms. He stares directly into the camera lens with undiminished dignity. In the righthand corner, wearing a softbrimmed hat, edging into the camera's view, is a grinning man with a whip. A coarse blanket rests on the buggy seat
Circa 1900, location unknown.

African American male standing on buggy, back to the camera, feet shackled, stripped, deep lacerations and wounds. Onlookers, one with a bloodstained shirt.

Vietnam War story

I reflected on some of the more disturbing events of the past couple of weeks. A few days earlier, Dan and I had gone to Battalion Headquarters in Phu Bai to pick up supplies. We had caught a ride with a big six-by whose crew was in the process of exchanging the old M-14 for the newer M-16. We had come upon a small Vil a few miles out where a CAC detail was stationed. I stood up to stretch my legs and looked down in the midst of the gathering. Propped up against a small building directly in front of me was a dead Vietnamese. He had been stripped naked and was propped up in a manner that his genitals were exposed in a grotesque manner. The driver was talking from the cab of the truck to one of the marines near the corpse.
“What’s with the naked Zip?”
“ARVN killed his ugly ass last night.”
“What do you have him out there like that for?”
“Had quite a few probes on the perimeter past few days. We thought it would be a good idea if the VC see what will happen to them if they fuck with us

Peacekeeper killed in East timor

New Zealand soldier found mutilated in East Timor

By Evelyn Leopold

UNITED NATIONS, July 28 (Reuters) - The New Zealand peacekeeper killed in East Timor this week was mutilated by pro-Indonesian gunmen, possibly so they could collect payments for his death, U.N. and New Zealand officials said on Friday.

Fred Eckhard, the chief U.N. spokesman, said the U.N. Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET), ``has acknowledged that there were some signs of mutilation on the body of this New Zealand soldier who was killed.''

Other U.N. sources said his ears had been cut off, possibly as a trophy in order to collect a bounty from wealthy East Timor exiles who had ordered gangs to target U.N. troops as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.

Eckhard said he had no proof of the bounty.

The soldier, Leonard William Manning, 24, a private of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, was on a patrol tracking militia in the rugged Suai border area on Monday when gunmen crossing over from West Timor shot him.

During a Friday Security Council debate on East Timor, New Zealand's U.N. ambassador, Michael John Powles, announced that Manning's body ``was found to have been mutilated'' when it was recovered hours after he was killed, the first U.N. soldier to die in combat in East Timor.

Rebel Foday Sankoh-Beaten paraded naked street- Sierra Leone

Mr Sankoh was on Wednesday handed over to British forces who whisked him away in a military helicopter.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Sankoh was paraded naked in the street by Sierra Leonean soldiers before he was handed over.

Witnesses have told journalists he was spotted next door to his home early on Wednesday, and local residents tipped off the authorities.

Reports say Mr Sankoh was wounded in the leg during the brief gun battle which followed, and is said to have been stripped naked before being taken to military headquarters.
He was taken onto the British helicopter on a stretcher.

Other Sources:
When he reappeared he was accompanied by one armed guard, who was injured as the arrest was made.

Some reports said Mr Sankoh was being held by the UN

According to one account, Scorpion shot the bodyguard, and the bullet passed through his body, hitting Mr Sankoh in the foot.

The shooting drew a crowd, who stripped the rebel leader naked.

"He is an animal, so he should be naked like an animal," Scorpion was quoted as saying.

The naked Mr Sankoh was taken from the scene of his arrest - outside his own ransacked house - to the compound of pro-government militia leader Johnny Paul Koroma.

From there he was moved to Sierra Leone Army headquarters, and flown on to a secret location by British forces.

Robbery suspect paraded naked infront of crowd-India

THE parading naked of a robbery suspect by a station house officer (SHO) in a cricket ground in Sujawal in Thatta district has probably brought the reputation of the Sindh police to a new low. The suspect had been arrested, the police claimed, because he and his accomplices were roaming around ‘suspiciously’ and after some weapons were allegedly recovered from him. The police personnel who arrested the man, particularly the SHO, have also taken the defence that the suspect was a known criminal and was resisting arrest. However, this justification actually goes to show how much the police rely on torture and extra-judicial methods while dealing with suspects. As far as the SHO is concerned — and this applies to SHOs everywhere — having a bad reputation or simply loitering around seems ground enough for arrest. However, nothing that the suspect seems to have done — and the version we are going by comes from the police — would warrant his being stripped naked and paraded in front of dozens of people.

It goes without saying — but perhaps such things need to be repeated for the benefit of our police — that recourse to this kind of barbarism goes against the basic human dignity to which every human being is entitled, even if he is a criminal. In this case the man was not even a criminal convicted by a court but a mere suspect. Such actions reinforce the perception that those entrusted with upholding the law are very often its worst violators. The government must order an enquiry into the incident and proceed accordingly with the full force of the law against those found guilty of overstepping their official authority. This is absolutely necessary as a deterrent so that other police officials think twice before ‘emulating’ the Sujawal SHO.

16 August 2006

NEPA retiree dies after drinking women’s urine
By Chuks Onuoha, Umuahia
Thursday, March 2, 2006

It was primitive anger on display recently in Afugiri, Ohuhu in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, when a group of women from three autonomous communities that make up 11 villages in the area stormed the home of a retiree of the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA), dragged him out, stripped him, beat him to an inch of his life before forcing urine donated by several women down his throat for allegedly importing an oracle that can kill.

The victim, Chief Godwin Nwokocha, who could not absorb the fury meted out to him by the women group, eventually died and his naked body was wheeled to his house in a barrow.

According to his wife, Mrs. Margaret, who spoke to Daily Sun in Umuosu Afugiri, the urine forced down her husband’s throat was running out from his anus ceaselessly when his naked body was wheeled back and dumped in front of his house.

Daily Sun investigation revealed that detectives have stepped into the matter and several arrests have been made, but some of the key actors in the case (including youths) have fled.

Mrs. Margaret told Daily Sun that she never knew that they would kill her husband that very day.
She said: “The incident happened on Tuesday, January 10, 2006. That morning, the women came to invite my husband out for the settlement of a pending matter. We all left and on reaching there, they asked him to stand in their midst. Some people had told the women that my husband said there would be several deaths in the village before March.

“The women did not ask if the allegation was right or false, they descended on him and started raining blows on him, while others were throwing stones, spitting and pouring sand on him. They held his shirt and tore it off, and as they were trying to pull out his trousers, he took to his heels.

“They pursued him into the bush. I followed them. As they caught up with him, a man raised him up and hit him on the ground. Another man brought out a sharp iron rod and pierced his head. After beating him to their satisfaction, they dragged him to the women, whose turn it was to use all manner of weapons available to them to beat him.

Then they put him on a long march round the 11 villages as they booed, spat, whipped, stoned and even pulled at his private part. From Umuosu, they headed for Umunemeze en route Umuokoroala. On the way, he told them that he was tired and could no longer walk, that he needed water to drink, because he was bleeding from almost every part of his body. Then one of them went behind a house and came out with a cup of urine, which they forced down his throat.

As they forced it into his mouth, they told him to drink that it was ‘Holy Water’. And she was confirmed to be on her period. She went to her house and brought a wheelbarrow and they lifted him into it and moved on. I could no longer take it, I broke down and started crying. I wanted to go and call police, but they blocked my part and would not allow me to go.

“From Umuokoroala, they went to Umuakama, Akpahia etc. It was at Umuakam that one Nkechi who was also having her menses, urinated and they forced him to drink. Other women followed suit. At least six women urinated and they forced the urine into his mouth.

“When they got to the round about, a man called Okonko brought a video machine and started filming him while the women circled him. One of them was holding a tin of Tomapep filled with urine and they were forcing it down his throat. As they saw me coming, they threw the tin away and lowered his weak body into the wheelbarrow.

All the urine they forced down his stomach was flowing out from his anus. The condition in which I saw him showed that he was dead. I began to wail and the women started running away one after the other because they saw that I had discovered that he was dead. Some were also celebrating and shaking each others’ hands that he was dead.

“After that, two women wheeled his corpse back to our house asking me to come and open the door for them to dump him. I told them that since they had killed him, they should slaughter his meat and share it among themselves. I left the house and by the time I came back, they had dumped his corpse on the pavement in front of our house and fled.”

An elder from one of the communities told Daily Sun of a big gang-up against Nwokocha. He said he had appealed against the decision of the men but his enemies ensured that the appeal was not heard. Elders said that he should take an oath but the youths rejected it and it was his enemies who were causing troubles.

“The Chairman of Umuosu Union allowed the women to come in without looking into his appeal. It is unbelievable that women could do a thing like that in this age”, he said.
Meanwhile, a police source that confirmed the matter and expressed shock at the incident, told Daily Sun that all suspects would soon be taken to court and that the police would ensure that justice is done.

08 August 2006

Gordon Swede Larson-Vietnam


I looked ahead for the first time and noticed that I was surrounded by about thirty armed men - and all of them had either rifles pointed at me or were waving machetes at me. I had landed on the very top of a small volcanic mountain known as a karst and the people from the nearest village were using it as an observation post for downed aircraft and here I was, landing right in their "laps". As they were no more than 60 feet away from my landing spot, I was their prisoner the moment my feet touched the ground. So much for escape and evasion!

Thus begins the saga of almost six years of indescribable brutality, degradation, suffering, and loneliness that is hard to even imagine. I am going to attempt to relate those years so that the reader might have some insight as to what that horrendous experience was like.

Fearing that my captors might be vicious and nervous, and not wanting to be shot for a false move, I put my hands slowly on top of my head and waited for them to make the next move. They slowly came forward and started shouting at me in Vietnamese. It was soon apparent I couldn’t understand them so they grabbed me and all of them started to undress me. My watch was first to go and several squabbled over it. They stripped me completely, tied a rope around my neck, and we all started trotting down this karst. The first several hundred yards were not so bad, but as my feet were bare, the sharp volcanic crusts cut savagely into my feet and I fell repeatedly. They would jerk the rope and jabber excitedly until I got up and we trotted on. My thirst by this time was worse than my bleeding feet and I didn’t think I could go any further. About this time I could see a stream ahead of us that we would cross and I was determined I would get a drink in the stream even if they, or the water, killed me. I fell down on purpose as we entered the stream and gulped down as much as I could until they pulled me up and I fell again on the far side and again drank as much as possible.

I was in a bad state of shock and don’t know how long it took to get down off the mountain and reach their village. I was completely exhausted, in shock, and had not begun to feel my physical problems yet. They put me in a straw hut and had me put on my undershorts. Evidently they didn’t want the women and children to see me naked. By then I was in a daze and my next recollection is of a truck pulling up outside as it was just turning dusk. About five minutes after the truck pulled up, they came for me and took me to the large communal hut in the village. There was a long rectangular table and two chairs in the room. All the rest of the villagers were standing around the sides and at the table was a Vietnamese officer from the prison camp and the headman of the village. The Officer spoke understandable English and became known to me, and all the rest of the prisoners, as "Bug", a squinty eyed, heartless bastard who took sadistic pride in humbling, berating, browbeating, and torturing helpless prisoners.

Couple stripped, paraded tonsured- India

Couple paraded naked as caste rears its ugly head
A young couple were tonsured, stripped and paraded naked in a Jharkhand village for marrying out of caste, and people were so incensed that they even beat up an old woman who tried to cover up the girl. The sentence against Vishnu Naik, who belongs to a Scheduled Caste, and his wife Galo, from a Scheduled Tribe, was passed by the panchayat of Manhu village, just 40 km from here, Thursday. The couple had been in love for four years and decided that the only way out for them was eloping and getting married. They returned three days ago, hoping to find that tensions had subsided. But it had clearly not. The issue came up in the weekly meeting of the village council Thursday when the girl's father complained. The village elders agreed with him, condemned the marriage and agreed to the suggestion that one way of punishing them was to tonsure them and parade them naked.

Capt. Murphy Jones- Vietnam

Encouraged by the anti-war movement in the US, Hanoi went to great lengths to present its case through a persistent propaganda campaign aimed at its own people and the world, in this example staging the capture of a downed "pilot." In propaganda films made about the time of the Hanoi March, USAF F-105 pilot Capt. Murphy Jones was paraded first bandaged and dirty, clad in underwear, then (left) aboard a truck, wearing his flight suit. Both films were part of the North Vietnamese effort to establish American pilots as "criminal aggressors" and "air pirates."

Other sources:

Just before dropping his payload, his fighter took a direct hit from an 85-mm anti-aircraft round. Ejecting through his canopy at only 300 feet, his parachute opened an instant before he slammed into the ground, a violent landing that blew out both knees, cracked three vertebrae in his neck, dislocated his left shoulder and broke his left arm. His right leg was full of shrapnel from the anti-aircraft round. Still strapped into his parachute, Jones watched as 30 North Vietnamese soldiers closed in on the crash site. Pulling the .45 automatic he carried as a sidearm, he thought over his situation for half a second, then handed it, butt first, to the first soldier who approached him.

Within hours of his capture, he was beaten, subjected to a mock execution, and paraded through the streets of Hanoi in the back of an army truck. His wounds untreated, he fought to keep himself conscious as angry mobs pelted him with rocks. A Japanese news crew filmed the parade as well as the following news conference, where Jones was paraded before more cameras. In a few days the footage would be broadcast around the world

07 August 2006

Anatomy of lynching

James R. McGovern, Anatomy of a Lynching: The Killing of Claude Neal (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1982). One of the most notoriously brutal lynchings occurred on August 27, 1934. A northwest Florida lynch mob seized Neal from an Alabama jail in Jackson County. Claude Neal was a Black laborer “accused” of raping and murdering the daughter of his white employer. Mob participants recall that Neal was made to eat his own testicles and penis and then he was forced to say that he liked eating them.

American casualty in war on terrorism

Thief beaten,stripped naked by mob-Africa

War in Kosovo-Dead soldiers at the morgue

The guy was stripped naked, chained

I'm quite curious with this set of pics.. anyone pls?? Did you notice the wooden cross at the first pic?? how about the old lady she wore a weird dress. I think this is some sort of cult or something.. Help!!

Pfc Tucker and Menchaka found dead