18 December 2009

Binatilyo kinatay at pinulutan

Rey Dadoles killed and eaten.

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - Nagimbal ngayon ang pamilya ng suspek sa pangangatay ng isang binatilyo sa Naawan, Misamis Oriental.

Ito'y matapos inamin ng suspek na si Jovencio Toyor ng Naawan, Misamis Oriental na lihim nitong pinakain ang kanyang pamilya ng karne ng 16-anyos na si Rey Gadule na kanyang kinatay.

Sa panayam ng Bombo Radyo Cagayan De Oro kay Insp. Carlos Oliveros, hepe ng Naawan Police Station, sinabi nito na inamin ni Toyor na hindi lamang ang kanyang mga kaibigan ang nakakain ng laman ng tao ngunit maging ang kanyang pamilya.

Dagdag pa ni Oliveros, matapos tinaga at kinatay ni Toyor ang biktima, kumuha pa ito ng laman sa may tadyang at dinala sa bahay para lutuin sa hapunan.

Ito umano ang inulam ng kanyang asawa at tatlong anak sa hapunan.

Sa ngayon nasampahan na ng kaso ang suspek na si Jovencio Toyor ang tatlo nitong kasamahan sa pagkatay sa biktima na sina Arante Maravilas, Jojo Candar at Jong Candar.

From Abante-Tonite
PINAGTATAGA hanggang mapatay saka ginawang kilawin at pinulutan ang isang 16-anyos binatilyo ng ama ng kanyang kaaway at tatlo pang kainuman sa Misamis Oriental kamakalawa.

Natagpuan ng mga awtoridad ang bangkay ni Rey Dadoles sa madamong bahagi ng Bgy. Mat-I sa bayan ng Naawan.

Nadiskobreng may 22 taga sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng katawan ng biktima at laplap ang laman sa kanyang tagiliran habang nawawala ang iba pang mga parte.

Arestado naman ng mga awtoridad ang pangunahing salarin na si Jovencio Tuyor at tatlo pang kasabwat na hindi na tinukoy ang pagkakakilanlan.

Inamin ni Tuyor na pinatay nila si Dadoles at ginawang kilawin ang ilang bahagi ng katawan upang ipaghiganti ang anak na binugbog ng biktima.

Inihahanda na ng mga awtoridad ang pagsasampa ng kasong murder laban sa mga salarin.

09 September 2009


In a separate incident, a man suspected of stealing a car radio, CDs and wheel caps from a taxi, was hunted down and stripped naked by the taxi driver and his brother. The incident took place at Raglan Road at Fingo village.

Taxi driver, Bongani “Stunki” Gedze said they stripped him of his clothes to show residents that he was a thief.

“It worked because he told us where the wheel caps were and we went to his house and got them,” said Gedze.

Gedze stressed, that they never assaulted the suspect and also opened a case at the police station. Inspector Coetzer could not find records of the case. The suspect is still on the loose.

Coetzer said Grahamstown police were concerned about street law enforcement and warned that “vigilantism is viewed in a serious light and is illegal.”

I hope we can get the uncensored pics.

Claude Neal Lynching- Forced to eat his own penis

The Lynching of Claude Neal

Claude Neal was lynched in a lonely spot about four miles from Greenswood, Florida, scene of the recent crime. After Neal was taken from the jail at Brewton, Alabama (moved there supposedly for his protection), he was driven approximately 200 miles over highway 231 leading into Marianna and from there he was subjected to the most brutal and savage torture imaginable.

Neal was taken from the Brewton jail between one and two o'clock Friday morning, October 26. he was in the hands of the smaller lynching group composed of approximately 100 men from then until he was left in the road in front of the Cannidy home late that same night. Neal was tortured for ten or twelve hours. The original mob that took Neal from jail directed "all of the niceties of a twentieth century lynching . . . inflicted upon Neal." The word was passed all over Northeastern Florida and southeastern Alabama that there was to be a "lynching party to which all white people are invited."

A member of the lynching party described the lynching in all of its ghastliness, down tot he minutest detail:

After taking the nigger to the woods about four miles from Greenwood, they cut off his penis. He was made to eat it. They cut off his testicles and made him eat them and say he liked it. . . .
Then they sliced his sides and stomach with knives and every now and then somebody would cut off a finger or toe. Red hot irons were used on the nigger to burn him from top to bottom.

From time to time during the torture a rope was tied around Neal's neck and he was pulled up over a limb and held there until he almost choked to death. Then he was let down and the torture began all over again. After several hours of this unspeakable torture, they decided just to kill him.

Neal's body was tied to a rope on the rear of an automobile and dragged over the highway to the Cannidy home. Here a mob estimated to number somewhere between 3000 and 7000 people from eleven southern states was excitedly waiting his arrival. When the car which was dragging Neal's body came in front of the Cannidy home, a man who was riding the rear bumper cut the rope.

A woman came out of the Cannidy house and drove a butcher knife into his heart. Then the crowd came by and some kicked him and some drove their cars over him.

Men, women, and children were numbered in the vast throng that came to witness the lynching. It is reported from reliable sources that the little children, some of them mere tots, who lived in the Greenwood neighborhood, waited with sharpened sticks for the return of Neal's body and that when it rolled in the dust on the road that awful night these little children drove their weapons deep into the flesh of the dead man.

The body, which by this time was horribly mutilated, was taken to Marianna, a distance of ten or eleven miles, where it was hung to a tree on the northeast corner of the courthouse square. Pictures were taken of the mutilated form and hundreds of photographs were sold for fifty cents each. Scores of citizens viewed the body as it hung in the square. The body was perfectly nude until the early morning when someone had the decency to hang a burlap sack over the middle of the body. The body was cut down about eight-thirty Saturday morning, October 27, 1934.

Fingers and toes from Neal's body have been exhibited as souvenirs in Marianna where one man offered to divide the finger which he had with a friend as "a special favor." Another man has one of the fingers preserved in alcohol.

Henry Smith Lynching- Texas

Burned at the Stake: A Black Man Pays for a Town’s Outrage

From the eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, the term “lynching” did not have any racial implications. Targets included Tories, horse thieves, gamblers, and abolitionists. But starting in the 1880s, mob violence was increasingly directed at African Americans. Between 1882 and 1964, nearly five thousand people died from lynching, the majority African-American.

The 1890s witnessed the worst period of lynching in U.S. history. The grim statistical record almost certainly understates the story. Many lynchings were not recorded outside their immediate locality, and pure numbers do not convey the brutality of lynching. In early 1893, a white reporter, writing in the New York Sun, offered a grisly account of the burning at the stake in Paris, Texas, of a black man accused of molesting a white girl.As press accounts like this make clear, to witness a lynching—or even just glimpse its aftermath—could be a searing experience for those who were the most likely victims of the lynch mob—young African-American males. That, indeed, was the intention—the threat of lynching was a powerful mechanism for keeping black Southerners in line. In response to the rising tide of lynchings of African-Americans across the South during the 1890s, Memphis, Tennessee, newspaper editor Ida Wells-Barnett launched a national anti-lynching crusade.


Paris, Texas, Feb. 1, 1893.—Henry Smith, the negro ravisher of 4-year-old Myrtle Vance, has expiated in part his awful crime by death at the stake. Ever since the perpetration of his awful crime this city and the entire surrounding country has been in a wild frenzy of excitement. When the news came last night that he had been captured at Hope, Ark., that he had been identified by B. B. Sturgeon, James T. Hicks, and many other of the Paris searching party, the city was wild with joy over the apprehension of the brute. Hundreds of people poured into the city from the adjoining country and the word passed from lip to lip that the punishment of the fiend should fit the crime—that death by fire was the penalty Smith should pay for the most atrocious murder and terrible outrage in Texas history. Curious and sympathizing alike, they came on train and wagons, on horse, and on foot to see if the frail mind of a man could think of a way to sufficiently punish the perpetrator of so terrible a crime. Whisky shops were closed, unruly mobs were dispersed, schools were dismissed by a proclamation from the mayor, and everything was done in a business-like manner.

About 2 o’clock Friday a mass meeting was called at the courthouse and captains appointed to search for the child. She was found mangled beyond recognition, covered with leaves and brush as above mentioned. As soon as it was learned upon the recovery of the body that the crime was so atrocious the whole town turned out in the chase. The railroads put up bulletins offering free transportation to all who would join in the search. Posses went in every direction, and not a stone was left unturned. Smith was tracked to Detroit on foot, where he jumped on a freight train and left for his old home in Hempstead County, Arkansas. To this county he was tracked and yesterday captured at Clow, a flag station on the Arkansas & Louisiana railway about twenty miles north of Hope. Upon being questioned the fiend denied everything, but upon being stripped for examination his undergarments were seen to be spattered with blood and a part of his shirt was torn off. He was kept under heavy guard at Hope last night, and later on confessed the crime.

This morning he was brought through Texarkana, where 5,000 people awaited the train. . . . At that place speeches were made by prominent Paris citizens, who asked that the prisoner be not molested by Texarkana people, but that the guard be allowed to deliver him up to the outraged and indignant citizens of Paris. Along the road the train gathered strength from the various towns, the people crowded upon the platforms and tops of coaches anxious to see the lynching and the negro who was soon to be delivered to an infuriated mob.

Arriving here at 12 o’clock the train was met by a surging mass of humanity 10,000 strong. The negro was placed upon a carnival float in mockery of a king upon his throne, and, followed by an immense crowd, was escorted through the city so that all might see the most inhuman monster known in current history. The line of march was up Main street to the square, around the square down Clarksville street to Church street, thence to the open prairies about 300 yards from the Texas & Pacific depot. Here Smith was placed upon a scaffold, six feet square and ten feet high, securely bound, within the view of all beholders. Here the victim was tortured for fifty minutes by red-hot iron brands thrust against his quivering body. Commencing at the feet the brands were placed against him inch by inch until they were thrust against the face. Then, being apparently dead, kerosene was poured upon him, cottonseed hulls placed beneath him and set on fire. In less time than it takes to relate it, the tortured man was wafted beyond the grave to another fire, hotter and more terrible than the one just experienced.

Curiosity seekers have carried away already all that was left of the memorable event, even to pieces of charcoal. The cause of the crime was that Henry Vance when a deputy policeman, in the course of his duty was called to arrest Henry Smith for being drunk and disorderly. The Negro was unruly, and Vance was forced to use his club. The Negro swore vengeance, and several times assaulted Vance. In his greed for revenge, last Thursday, he grabbed up the little girl and committed the crime. The father is prostrated with grief and the mother now lies at death’s door, but she has lived to see the slayer of her innocent babe suffer the most horrible death that could be conceived.

Words to describe the awful torture inflicted upon Smith cannot be found. The Negro, for a long time after starting on the journey to Paris, did not realize his plight. At last when he was told that he must die by slow torture he begged for protection. His agony was awful. He pleaded and writhed in bodily and mental pain. Scarcely had the train reached Paris than this torture commenced. His clothes were torn off piecemeal and scattered in the crowd, people catching the shreds and putting them away as mementos. The child’s father, her brother, and two uncles then gathered about the Negro as he lay fastened to the torture platform and thrust hot irons into his quivering flesh. It was horrible—the man dying by slow torture in the midst of smoke from his own burning flesh. Every groan from the fiend, every contortion of his body was cheered by the thickly packed crowd of 10,000 persons. The mass of beings 600 yards in diameter, the scaffold being the center. After burning the feet and legs, the hot irons—plenty of fresh ones being at hand—were rolled up and down Smith’s stomach, back, and arms. Then the eyes were burned out and irons were thrust down his throat.

The men of the Vance family have wreaked vengeance, the crowd piled all kinds of combustible stuff around the scaffold, poured oil on it and set it afire. The Negro rolled and tossed out of the mass, only to be pushed back by the people nearest him. He tossed out again, and was roped and pulled back. Hundreds of people turned away, but the vast crowd still looked calmly on. People were here from every part of this section. They came from Dallas, Fort Worth, Sherman, Denison, Bonham, Texarkana, Fort Smith, Ark., and a party of fifteen came from Hempstead County, Arkansas, where he was captured. Every train that came in was loaded to its utmost capacity, and there were demands at many points for special trains to bring the people here to see the unparalleled punishment for an unparalleled crime. When the news of the burning went over the country like wildfire, at every country town anvils boomed forth the announcement.

19 June 2009

Tarring and Feathering

Tar'd and Feather'd

Beginning in 1765 with colonial opposition to the Stamp Act and continuing through the Revolutionary War, a number of men were "tar'd and feather'd." The statements in this resource describe what was typically done to someone who underwent this punishment. These descriptions reveal that being tarred and feathered was rarely all that was done to the person. Often they were paraded about the town or treated with disrespect in other ways. Although rare, women were also subjected to this treatment. There is no record of the total number of Tories (i.e., Loyalists) or rebels who were treated in this way. Consequently, we cannot accurately estimate the number who were killed because of the tarring and feathering process or the acts subsequent to feathering.

"First strip a person naked, then heat the Tar until it is thin, and pour it upon the naked Flesh, or rub it over with a Tar Brush. . . . After which, sprinkle decently upon the Tar, whilst it is yet warm, as many Feathers as will stick to it. Then hold a lighted Candle to the Feathers, and try to set it all on Fire; if it will burn so much the better. But as the Experiment is often made in cold Weather, it will not then succeed--take also an Halter and put it round the Person's neck, and then cart him the Rounds [meaning around to certain places in the community and put on public display]."

At this point the person was usually taken about the streets of the town in a cart surrounded by shouting people. In some cases he might be placed in the stocks, hanged or beaten. If he survived, he was finally left on his own. Most who got this far were barely alive, exhausted and severely burned. The tar was extremely difficult to get off the badly burned skin, which often got infected. Those that survived could not be helped by anyone. Giving comfort or first aid to a survivor often would result in the helper being attacked.

Tarring and feathering was done not only by people who opposed the Crown and actions of Parliament. For example, in March 1775 Crown troops and Loyalists in Boston tarred and feathered a countryman. Holt's New York Journal, March 30, describes the events a reporter witnessed followed by his opinions of what took place:

"After stripping him naked and covering him with tar and feathers, they mounted him on a one-horse truck, and surrounding the truck with a guard of twenty soldiers with fixed bayonets, accompanied with all the drums and fifes of the regiment and a number of officers, negroes, and sailors, exhibited him as a spectacle through the principal streets of the town. They fixed a label on the man's back, on which was written AMERICAN LIBERTY, or A SPECIMEN OF DEMOCRACY; and to add insult they played Yankee Doodle

08 March 2009

INC crimes

IN THE STORY: "Three years after the shooting incident, on March 1992, four Iglesia Ni Cristo deacons butchered five students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in the basement at the back of the INC chapel in Sta. Mesa, Manila. What escalated into a cold-blooded murder started only from a heated dispute during a basketball game. The corpses of the victims were later fished out of the murky waters of Pasig River. According to Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA), in August 28, 2000 Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. rendered judgment on the case “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee , vs. JUANITO ABELLA, DIOSDADO GRANADA, BENJAMIN DE GUZMAN, and EDGARDO VALENCIA, accused-appellants ,” where the four accused in these cases, who are deacons of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, were declared guilty beyond reasonable doubt on five (5) counts of MURDER. The record states “That on or about March 8, 1992, in the City of Manila, Philippines, the said accused, conspiring and confederating together with others whose true names, real identities and present whereabouts are still unknown and helping one another, did then and there wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously, with intent to kill and with treachery and evident premeditation, attack, assault and use personal violence upon one Marlon Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104529), one Felix Tamayo y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104530), one Andres Lojero, Jr. y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104531), one Joseph Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104532), one Erwin Lojero y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104533)] by then and there hitting his head with guns, kicking him, tying his hands, [neck and private organ (additional allegation in Criminal Case No. 92-104531)] and thereafter throwing his body into the river thereby inflicting upon the latter mortal wounds which were the direct and immediate cause of his death thereafter.”

Postmortem examinations on the cadavers showed signs of torture. Marlon, Andres, and Joseph had contusions, ligature marks and hematoma; they were helplessly mauled while hands tied at their backs. Marlon had lacerated wounds and was killed due to a gunshot on the head. Andres’ genitals were cut off; Joseph had skull fracture; both died due to “asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic.” On the other hand, Erwin’s body showed abrasions and burns with blunt head injury, while Felix had abrasions on the left cheek and tie impressions on the wrists. The cause of their death was “asphyxia by drowning.” Murderers to this crime were defended by the Iglesia Ni Cristo camp up to the Supreme Court, a kind of support enjoyed by members of their church, regardless of the overwhelming evidences that prove the accused guilty of the crime." These are brutal crimes done by the members of this influential religious group. They claim to be of God but their deeds prove otherwise.

15 February 2009

14 Marines

The marines were not just beheaded, the arms and legs of the soldiers were chopped off; one of which the leg was never found and the terrorists even cut the penis of other soldiers. The MILF denied doing it.

BASILAN (Mindanao Examiner / 13 Jul) – Nagmatigas kahapon ang pamahalaan na dapat pagbayaran ng Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at Abu Sayyaf ang pagpatay sa 14 na sundalo sa lalawigan ng Basilan.
Sampu sa mga napatay ay pinugutan ng ulo at ang iba naman ay tinanggalan pa ng ari ng mga rebeldeng MILF at militanteng Abu Sayyaf sa labanan nanaganap nuong nakaraang Martes sa bayan ng Al-Barka.

Matatandaan na inamin ng rebeldeng Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) na ang kanilang grupo ang nakasagupa ng mga tauhan ng Marines sa Bgy. Tipo-Tipo, Al-Barka, Basilan ngunit iginiit ni Mohager Iqbal, chief negotiator ng nasabing rebeldeng Muslim na iniwan ng mga rebelde ang lahat ng bangkay ng mga sundalo matapos ang sagupaan at wala silang kinalaman sa pagpugot at pagputol ng ari ng mga ito.

Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crimes and Corruption, had his hair shaved off on Sunday, to protest the gruesome death of Marine troopers, 10 of whom suffered beheading and mutilation. Jimenez, in an interview with radio dzBB, said he went to Fort Bonifacio and had his hair shaved off to unite with the families seeking justice for the 14 Marines who died in last week's clash with members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. The Marines' remains lie in state at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City. "Ako'y nakikiramay sa mga pamilya nitong mga pinatay na ating mga sundalo, mga Philippine Marines...Hindi lang 'yong pagpatay kundi 'yong dinismember pa sila, pinugutan ng ulo, pinugutan ng paa, pinugutan ng ari, pinugutan ng tenga (I condole with the families of the Marines. They were not just killed, but were dismembered, their heads, feet, private parts and ears were cut.)


Dumadaloy ang pakikiramay sa Marines na napatay sa Basilan.
Ito ay dahil alamat na sa kasaysayan ng digmaan ang 1st Marine Brigade. Sila ang ang palaging isinasabak sa mga kalaban ng pamahalaan.
Kaya hindi na bago sa kanila ang mamatayan. Sabi nga nila, kasama ito sa trabaho.
Pero ang hindi nila matanggap ay ang kalapastanganang inabot ng 14 na Marines na tinambangan sa Basilan noong Martes.
Pugot, putol ang kamay o pati ang ari ng ilan sa mga bangkay na iniyakan ng kanilang mga mahal sa buhay.
Ang ulo ng mga napugutan

The marine soldiers killed in action were: Staff Sergeants Noel F. Bautista and Bernard C. Abes; Sergeants Rey B. Callueng, Gerardo B. Licup, and Cayetano N. Simbajon; Private First Class officers Russel S. Panaga, Freddie G. Palma, Elizar S. Semeniano, Reuben S. Doronio Jr., Jhonard Alianza, Arjorin S. Eleazar, Emmanuel G. Beup, Emilio C. Lachica and Wilfredo G. Lamban.
The Marines who survived an ambush in Basilan last week saw how some of their fallen comrades were beheaded by their attackers, officials said Sunday.
The attackers also took the soldiers’ valuables and personal belongings, including jewelry, money and mobile phones, officials said.
Of the 14 Marines killed in the clash, 10 were beheaded or had their bodies mutilated.
Marine commandant Maj. Gen. Nelson Allaga said the beheading of the wounded troops were cruel, sadistic and cowardly.
“That is sadism… but it’s even a cowardly act by standards… the wounded saw how the others were hacked,” Allaga told reporters.
The Marine spokesman, Lt. Col. Ariel Caculitan, said that aside from looting the dead soldiers, the attackers used the mobile phone of one the fallen Marines to send a message to his wife.
“We have beheaded your husband,” said Caculitan, quoting the text message.
Allaga added that the attackers also cut off the ears, hands and legs of some of the dead troops. Last week, there were reports that even the sex organs of some of the troopers were sliced off.
The outnumbered Marines fought on for nearly seven hours.
Dalawa sa 10 kagawad ng Philippine Marines na pinugutan sa Al Barka (Tipo-Tipo), Basilan noong Hulyo 10 ang na-karanas ng grabeng pagpapahirap o torture bago pinatay.
Ito ang lumabas sa post mortem examination ni Dr. Nilo Barandino ng Basilan General Hospital kung saan nakitaan ang mga nasabing sundalo ng sugat at pasa na palatandaan ng torture.
Pinutol din umano ang ari ng dalawang Marines na pinugutan sa gitna ng bakbakan sa naturang bayan habang nasa rescue operations ang tropa ng
pamahalaan sa dinukot na Italyanong paring si Fr. Giancarlo Bossi.

06 January 2009

Serbian soldier- Milomir Prodanovic

A Serb soldier who was captured by the Muslims, skewered on a spear and exhibited in front of a hotel. "He stayed alive for a few days," said a Serbian journalist. That set off wild rumors throughout Bosnian Serb-held territories.

Burned remains of Milomir Prodanovic, a Serb from Podravnje near Milici, Bosnia.(From: "The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America" By William Dorich, 1994 - pp 20, 22.)