25 September 2006

Public execution-Indonesia

Headmaster assaulted by youth-Zimbabwe

16 January 2002
• Abais Dambuza, the headmaster of Simbaravanhu Secondary School in Bikita, was beaten up in front of the children at his school.
Suspected Zanu PF youths beat up the Simbarevahnu headmaster for supporting the MDC. He was stripped naked and the group of about 40 people took turns to assault him with iron bars and sticks. The headmaster later took refuge in Masvingo.

• The headmaster and four other teachers at Chitsanga Primary School in Bikita were beaten by a group of Zanu PF youths for chanting MDC slogans in class. They later ransacked their houses the school was closed on 17 January 2002 as all the teachers had fled.

17 September 2006

Capture of the Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix by Julius cezar

Vecingetorix was brought back to Rome, where he was paraded, in chains, at Caesar's triumph in 46 BC, at the end of which his head was graciously separated from his body

More Humiliating punishment from India

Dalit Man paraded naked

So a Dalit man in Bihar is stripped naked and paraded on the streets because he has dared to try and take home with him the upper caste woman whom his son has married. A Dalit woman is raped in Madhya Pradesh, because she has contested and won an election to a panchayat defeating an upper caste rival. A Dalit youth is battered because he cycled through the upper caste area of his village, on a bicycle acquired with a job. Many of the cases in and around the Capital, reported in the media in the last few years, have involved marriages between Dalits and upper castes. Marriages which represent an assault on the caste system, the very system that has determined that upper castes may trample upon Dalits

Pickpocket paraded naked
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, March 13

A youth, said to be a pickpocket, was paraded naked in the vegetable and fruit market here today. According to a report, the youth was caught red-handed while trying to pick the pocket of a man who has come to purchase vegetables and fruits. The youth was allegedly thrashed by the people and later let off as the police declined to arrest him.

Mob violence

There is another case, the case of a collector who worked for Sam and tried to cheat DeStefano out of his cut. Mad Sam stripped the collector naked, and handcuffed him to a boiling radiator. After and hour, the man screamed "Unk", his name for DeStefano, "Unk, kill me man, please, I'm on fire!"

DeStefano said: "Then we need to put the fire out."

Mad Sam had his boys bring the collector's family out to his restaurant, and treated them to a full course Italian dinner. When the meal was finished, DeStefano's boys, who included Tony Spilotro, brought the naked and severely burned collector to the table and threw him at his mother's feet. Before any of them could go home, DeStefano made them urinate on the collector's body.

16 September 2006


Jacob Birone, a schoolmaster of Rorata, for refusing to change his religion, was stripped quite naked; and after having been very indecently exposed, had the nails of his toes and fingers torn off with red-hot pincers, and holes bored through his hands with the point of a dagger. He then had a cord tied round his middle, and was led through the streets with a soldier on each side of him. At every turning the soldier on his right hand side cut a gash in his flesh, and the soldier on his left hand side struck him with a bludgeon, both saying, at the same instant, "Will you go to Mass? will you go to Mass?" He still replied in the negative to these interrogatories, and being at length taken to the bridge, they cut off his head on the balustrades, and threw both that and his body into the river.

Flayed alive by the Indians-USA

By S. C. Turnbo

In the month of September 1859 I read an account in the "Brother Jonathan" a weekly news and story paper published by B. H. Day, 48 Beekman Street, New York, of a white man being flayed alive by a band of Indians on the western plains in the early 50’s. I thought the account incredible and thought nothing more of it until 40 years after I had read it in the paper when I met Capt. A. S. Wood an old Confederate Soldier who when I interviewed him was living on Moccasin Fork of Jimmies Greek in Marion County, Ark. While we were exchanging old time tales with each other I happen to recall to memory of reading the article in the Brother Jonathan and he Informed me that the story was true and he gave a short history of the horrible affair. In relating the account Capt. Wood said that in the year 1853 two parties of emigrants with the usual train of wagons, and horses and arras for defense against the attacks of wild animals and wild Indians left North Arkansas for the state of California. "When the emigrants organized I was living at Huntsville in Madison County where I joined one of the parties known as Capt. Boyed’s train. A man of the name of John Mankins, formerly of Marion County, joined the other party he was a large man and bore the name of being quite over bearing and disagreeable. When he left Marion County to join the emigrants he was living in the Flippen Barrens between Yellville and White River. The two trains after starting traveled together for a while but finally they separated, often they were 10 miles apart. Before reaching the frontiers, Mankins made my boasts that he would shoot the first of the Indian race he saw; be it man, woman or child. The man repeated these threats so frequently after arriving on the frontiers that the remainder of the party grew alarmed and tried to induce him to not to do so for fear the entire party would be massacreed. Being a long headed and dont care sort of fellow he paid no attention to their advice. Arriving at an Indian reservation, and while passing on they reached an encampment where there were only a few women and children at camp, the warriors being away on a hunt. This gave the man an oppertunity to carry his threats into execution and he willfully murdered a squaw by shooting her. The other emigrants deplored the cold blooded wicked act of the heartless man. They knew the tribe would avenge the death of the woman. They traveled on with the expectation of being attacked ever hour but they were not molested until the 4th day after the woman was killed, when the emigrant saw a band of Indians coming in pursuit. They were all mounted on ponies and numbered one hundred. Each warrior was in full war paint. The emigrants were in camp some ten miles from our train. The Indians came with a rush and without making a halt to parley surrounded the camp and demanded the murderer or they would kill and scalp all the members of the train, including women and children. The white men were well armed and had made preparation, for defense should the whole party be attacked. On the demand of the warriors the leaders found that they were too small in number to resist the enraged Indians even if they wanted to. Mankins had committed such a wicked murder that they had no sympathy for him and they handed him over at once. The fury of the band rose to a high pitch and they informed the white men that they were going to inflict one of the most painful tortures known to the murderer. The prisnor knew he was doomed to a terrible fate and the trembling wretch begged and implored the white men to save him from the vengence of the red men, but his pleading was in vain he had brought it on himself he would have to pay the penalty that suited the desire and thirst of the warriors. The Indians took a stake (lariat) rope off of one of their ponies 60 feet long that was made from the raw hide of buffalo and bound the man head and foot; to one of the hind wheels of a wagon. The Indians did not delay much time in preliminaries when they examined their knives to see that they had keen edges and the awful scene of flaying a man alive began, they began at the neck and the mans blood was soon flowing little streams down his nude body for they had stripped him of all his clothes before they tied him to the wheel. They slowly but surely took the skin from his entire body not in small bits or strips, but whole. The awful torture was done in the presence of the white men. Mankins struggled and screamed in agony, his suffering was terrible and miserable; he begged prayed and cursed. The bloody work went on. The unbearable torture was continued. The man had cruelly murdered a poor defenseless Indian woman, and the tribe she belonged to were punishing him with the worst torture they could devise. The exultant Indians finished their horrible and painful work, and gave a yell of delight; their victim was still alive but had gradually become unconscious. They unbound him, and the bleeding, writhing form dropped to the ground where it lay quivering for an hour when death put an end to life and further cruelty by the Indians. Not an Indian left until they were satisfied he was dead; they then mounted their ponies and with war whoops they departed, carrying the human hide with them. Soon after the yelling warriors had passed from their view, the emigrants dug a grave at the spotwhere the dead body of the man lay and gave it decent burial. They marked the grave as well as circumstances would admit. In an hour after the interment of Mankins lifeless form the party of white people took its departure from the place where the blood curdling scene was enacted; leaving the new made grave for the coyotes to howl over and the buffalo to trample on and the passing Indians to sneer at.


11 September 2006

Samson's humiliating public punishment-Fiction

The day of the festival finally arrived and the Emperor was
gleefully contemplating what will soon be his ultimate conquest.
The main event at the festival was to have Samson castrated in front
of the guests. The scourge of the Emperor would soon find himself
permanently crippled. Samson would be unable to partake of sexual
gratification; unable to sire children; and most importantly, unable
to foil the Emperor's plans. Samson's loyal followers would cringe
at the sight of their hero. The Emperor would parade the naked,
emasculated Samson throughout the city. Everyone would know the
Emperor had claimed Samson's mighty strength and manhood in victory.
Samson and his allies would be defeated! The Emperor summoned
Delilah and the Priestess so that they could escort him to the

Samson's heart was racing when the guards fetched him from his cell.
He didn't know what the Emperor had in store for him, but he was
sure it would be most unpleasant. As the guards led him to the
temple, he could see the huge audience that was gathering. The
Emperor had many friends and all of them were Samson's enemies. The
crowd moved aside to let the small procession through. The closest
guests could see patches of flesh peeking through the bulging cloth
thong wrapped tightly around his manhood. Samson's sweaty muscles
gleamed and rippled in the sun as they begin climbing the temple
steps. Upon reaching the top, the guards stood Samson on the altar
and bound his compliant arms and legs to a pair of massive stone
columns. His spread-eagled body was stretched upright between the
columns for all the audience to see. The crowd applauded at the
display of the Emperor's most powerful adversary in such a helpless
The Emperor, followed by the Priestess and Delilah, arrived amid a
wildly cheering audience. They climbed the steps to the temple to
join the captive Samson. Once there, the Emperor welcomed his many
guests. He promised them good food, good wine and, pointing at
Samson, good entertainment. Thunderous cheering shook the temple as
the crowd roared their approval. The Emperor and his court sat in
front of the altar, looking down at the hundreds of guests below
them. Samson remained tethered behind and above the royal table,
silently observing his enemies. Food and wine were served and the
Festival of Dagon commenced. Neither the Priestess nor Delilah cast
a glance in Samson's direction, not daring to call down the
Emperor's wrath upon themselves. Hours of gluttony passed by as the
crowd indulged themselves on the Emperor's generous feast.

Finally, the Emperor addressed his guests, cautioning those with
weak appetites to sustain from their meals until after the main
event. He then turned his attention to Samson, walking around the
bound muscleman while telling the story of Samson's capture and
downfall at the hands of Delilah, the Priestess, and himself. The
audience listened intently as the Emperor's story unfolded. Samson
hung his head in shame as the agonizing details of his tortures were
described. The guests cheered when the Emperor finished his tale.
The powerless prisoner remained strapped to the columns, his bulging
legs and arms stretched wide. Long, dark hair flowed around his
face and over his straining shoulders, shielding his anguished
features from view. At the Emperor's command, a multitude of
torture devices were brought to the altar. The Emperor examined the
various implements before taking a short bladed knife. The guests
were silent when he approached Samson. He took the knife and gently
placed the tip into Samson's navel. Samson's muscles strained at
their bindings while the Emperor ran the blade lightly down the
smooth skin. Much to his relief, the blade didn't penetrate the
skin. The Emperor laughed. He enjoyed tormenting his feeble
opponent. When he reached the top band of the thong, the Emperor
plunged the blade straight down into the cloth pouch. Samson gasped
in fear as the blade approached his penis. The Emperor thrust the
blade outward, slicing the thong open. When the cloth surrounding
his loins fell away, Samson's genitals were revealed. The crowd
gasped with delight upon seeing the unnaturally large penis and
balls swinging between Samson's muscled thighs. Given Samson's
marvelous physique and enormously proportioned genitalia, his public
emasculation would be spectacular. The crowd could hardly wait to
see the handsome warrior's balls drained and then removed along with
his penis, reducing him to a passive eunuch. The Emperor tossed the
knife aside and returned to his seat. Samson stood naked and
helpless before the Emperor and his guests.

Olive oil was poured onto Samson's long, pre-cum
dribbling penis. Several pairs of hands were needed to spread the
oil over the massive length and girth of Samson's manhood. Soon,
his erect shaft was shimmering with oil. Even his plump, furry
scrotum was fondled and slathered with olive oil. The guards could
not resist squeezing his gargantuan balls while they smeared oil
across his tightly packed scrotum. The crowd gazed silently at
Samson's muscular body, stretched between the columns, as it was
groped and manhandled by the Emperor's minions. The captive hero
wept as his body was violated by the guards roaming hands. While
Samson writhed on the altar, the Emperor pondered the method of
Samson's imminent castration. Should it be by hot poker? No, he's
seen that before. Perhaps by attaching heavy weights to his balls.
They could stretch until they were ripped off. He was partial to
having leeches placed on Samson's thriving balls. They could eat
their way into his manhood until he begged to have his balls cut
off. The slow agony would be delicious. At last, the Emperor
settled on the means by which Samson would be castrated.

More pre-cum started dribbling from the tip of Samson's erect penis. Standing
high above the gluttonous crowd, Samson stood helpless and ashamed
The crowd grew silent while they watched the huge stud
thrust his hips against the rope. Long, white jets of sperm spewed
forth as Samson's orgasm began. Despite his dire predicament,
Samson was in momentary ecstasy. The feeling of his plentiful balls
being choked to death while he was bound to the columns triggered
his climax. He grunted and moaned with each spurt of thick, hot
gism that erupted into the air. The Emperor and his guests went
wild with excitement. They were witnessing the annihilation of
Samson's heart of virility. His potent juices streamed out for
everyone to see. A pool of sperm rapidly formed between Samson's

06 September 2006

Paraded naked-Bangladesh

In the middle of May, the then head of the Dept of Islamic History and Culture at Sherpur College, Syed Abdul Hannan was paraded through the streets of the town, totally naked, with his head shaven and a "garland" of shoes around his neck. Kamruzzaman and his cohorts dragged the professor around the town in mid-day, beating him with leather whips as he was dragged, Tapas Shaha told the Commission.


04 September 2006

Samuel Doe- Liberia

Chief Executive, Samuel Doe. He'd fallen into the hands of Prince Johnson, one of Charles Taylor's allies in the battle to unseat him. Johnson had President Doe stripped to his underpants and then barked into the camera, 'That man won't talk! Bring me his ear!' The cameraman did a jerky about-face in time to catch Johnson's guys holding down the President and slicing off his left ear.

'Now the other ear,' ordered Johnson. 'The right ear.' So the boys removed the right one. Then they made the President eat them. But the lads kept the best bits for themselves. They removed His Excellency's genitals and then fought over them, in the belief that the 'powers' and 'manhood' of the person whose parts you're eating are transferred to the eater.

Military agent stripped naked beaten and burned by students-Guatemala

One example occurred on the afternoon of June 10, when three armed men entered the campus and shot and seriously wounded Víctor Manuel Valverth, the Engineering School's elected student representative to the University Governing Board. Moments after the attack, some twenty students wearing hoods over their faces came together to search for those responsible. The first suspect they captured was Baldomero Mendoza, who passed near the group on a motorcycle. The students forced him off his vehicle and upon checking his identification papers discovered that he was carrying a credential signed by a Treasury Police chief, attesting that the bearer was an honorable person in whom the authorities could trust.16 The students began to beat him, but Mendoza managed to escape.

The next suspect did not have the same luck. As the group of hooded students passed near the rectory, a man parked nearby allegedly pulled out a gun. Students rushed the man, took away his weapon and forced him to present his documents. His name was Adán de Jesús Melgar Solares and, as students had suspected, he was carrying a card identifying him as a confidential agent of the Jutiapa military base.

Melgar Solares may not have been one of those directly responsible for the attack on Valverth. But his captors saw in him one more member of the repressive apparatus. Stripped naked, the military agent was dragged through the halls of various academic units. In one of the University's plazas a leader of the action told gathered students that the man before them was responsible for the shooting of Valverth and asked those present what they should do with him. According to witnesses, many in the crowd called for his death. Melgar Solares asked for a chance to explain who he was, but the students ignored his pleas. They then carried him off of university grounds to the Avenida Petapa where they beat him and pelted him with rocks. Gravely wounded, Melgar Solares lay bleeding and unconscious in the street until students doused him with gasoline and then set him afire. He died later in the hospital.


Terrible journey of Robert Adam in Timbukto

:: Timbuctoo

In 1813 a young American sailor, starving and close to death, was recognised on a London street, by a man who had met him some time before in Cadiz. The sailor, aged 28, was called ROBERT ADAMS. Originally from Hudson, New York, he was the son of a sail-maker. When asked how he came to be penniless, living on the streets of London, he said that he had been enslaved for 3 years in the Sahara, and had been taken to TIMBUCTOO.

Knowing that no white man had ever returned from Timbuctoo alive, the acquaintance took Adams to the Africa Committee, an organisation founded exclusively for the purpose of making an Englishman the first white man to get to Timbuctoo and back. At first, the Committee were sceptical of the young American. But after hearing the details of his journey, they asked him to narrate his story, which was later published:

In the spring of 1810, Robert Adams set sail from New York aboard the brig Charles. After stopping at Gibraltar, the vessel proceeded down the western coast of Africa, trading. But after losing its bearings, the ship was wrecked on rocks near Cape Blanco. Adams and some of the other crew members struggled to shore. At dawn the next morning they awoke on the beach to find they were surrounded by Moors.

Along with the captain and various crew members, Adams was stripped naked, put in chains and led towards the interior of the Sahara. Their pale skin was soon welted with grotesque sores and was badly burnt by the desert climate. The captain was the first to deteriorate. When he refused to abide by the captors' orders, he was executed.

Adams befriended a Portuguese sailor who had also been enslaved by the same Moors. (In the early 19th century there were, apparently, hundreds of European and American shipwrecked sailors enslaved in the Sahara). Still naked and in chains, Adams and the other white slaves trekked deeper and deeper into the Sahara.

En route his captors traded most of the white slaves - except for Adams and the Portuguese - for supplies. The desert crossing was almost unbearable. His flesh burnt and raw from lice, Adams was forced to drink the camels' urine to survive.

After a month of unspeakable hardship, the caravan was ambushed by a band of African warriors, who enslaved the Moorish captors. Fifteen of the Moors were beheaded on the spot; the rest were shackled. At the hands of their new masters, Adams, the Portuguese, and the enslaved Moors were led on a marathon trek to the heart of the Sahara… to Timbuctoo.

When they eventually arrived at the mysterious city, Adams and the Portuguese caused a great stir. One by one, the people of Timbuctoo came to gawk at them. None had ever seen a white man before. The foreigners became the guests of the King, who took them elephant-hunting in the desert. They were permitted to roam freely within the city. The Queen took a special interest in Adams. She and her attendants would sit for hours, feeding him titbits, observing him.

After four months at Timbuctoo, a party of Moors arrived. They ransomed Adams, as well his former captors and the Portuguese. Again they set off into desert. Stripped naked once more, Adams was again forced to survive on camel urine. Then, at the point of starvation, the camels were killed one by one and eaten. Anyone unable to keep up was left behind to die in the desert dunes.

At one encampment deep in the Sahara, Adams was forced to tend goats. Sick and now little more than a skeleton, he refused. Next morning, jackals having slaughtered many of the flock, Adams was given the traditional punishment - whipping by 12 Moorish women.

Soon after, Adams was traded to another Moorish master, who gave him to his second wife as a gift. The young woman made him watch over her flock of goats. When, after some time, Adams argued that he wanted some payment for his efforts, the master's wife led the American into her tent. They became lovers.

The affair continued for six months. When it was discovered, Adams was taken by the master to a settlement in the northern Sahara and traded to a local chief. The encampment was home to numerous other enslaved sailors, including three former shipmen from Adam's vessel, the Charles.

Adams' new master was merciless, putting him in the heaviest irons for five weeks; and then having him flogged to the point of near death. In time, the ship's mate from the Charles' died of sickness. The two other sailors from the ship converted to Islam to escape the brutal regime.

Two days' later, word came from the Consul from the port of Mogador, that he would ransom any white man whom had remained a Christian. On hearing the news, the two converts broke down. Adams, after a tearful parting from his comrades, journeyed north to Mogador where he became the Consul's guest.

Once he had recuperated, Adams searched for a boat heading for America. Unfortunately, the United States was at war with England (the 1812-14 war). Passage to New York was impossible. Instead, Adams was forced to take a ship to Liverpool. It was blown off course on the Welsh coast. Adams was forced to hitch from the port of Holyhead to London.

When Adam's narrative was published, it was mocked on both sides of the Atlantic. Most didn't believe the young American sailor's description of Timbuctoo, although the details had been verified as truthful. The main reason for the disbelief was that Adams' account had none of the intoxicating legend that everyone was expecting. He described Timbuctoo as quite an ordinary place… and was pilloried for dispelling the myth.

There is no doubt that - at a time when Europe's great adventurers were desperate to get to Timbuctoo - it was a young American, Robert Adams, who beat them there. The irony is that, unlike them, he never wanted to go there at all.


Humiliating punishment

When they had assembled the victims, he commanded to strip them all naked in that bitter cold. Then they made them all sit down in rows, pinioned, in the middle of the square, and each row they assigned to a regiment of soldiers. But three of them, because during the war they had made cannons of iron, Amír Aslán Khán summoned before himself and questioned, saying: "So far as can be ascertained, it was you who made the guns." They answered, "Yes, we made them." Then the Amír commanded that these three men should be blown from the mouths of guns; and their names were Suleymán, Seyyid Ramazán, and Hájí Kázim. So these the artillery-men carried off to bind them to the guns. Then the Amír again sent a servant to bid them bring back him who was named Suleymán. So his farráshes ran swiftly and brought Suleymán back, ere he had been placed before the gun, into the Amír's presence. Then the Amír turned his face towards Suleymán and said: "If thou wilt tell me the place where His Holiness the Martyr is buried, we will order them not to place thee before the gun's mouth again." The poor wretch, not understanding that they were deceiving him, and thinking to save his life from this whirlpool of destruction, hastily replied, "We buried him in his own house." Then several farráshes were sent with this Suleymán, and they went [thither together], and dragged forth the blessed body of His Holiness the Martyr from the place where it had been buried, and brought it with the coffin before the Amír, who heaped foul abuse, such
as accorded with his evil nature, on the blessed body of His Holiness the Martyr, and then again commanded them to lead Suleymán away and blow him from a gun. So they led him forth once more and set him at the cannon's mouth.

as accorded with his evil nature, on the blessed body of His Holiness the Martyr, and then again commanded them to lead Suleymán away and blow him from a gun. So they led him forth once more and set him at the cannon's mouth.

Now out of the ranks of those seventy-five men whom they had stripped naked to bayonet them to death, two did not attain the rank of martyrdom. Of these two, the one was named Najaf 'Alí and the other 'Abbás 'Alí. For, since the father and brothers of Najaf 'Alí were on the other [i.e. the Muhammadan] side, they interceded for him with the Amír and effected his deliverance, and brought him forth from the ranks [of the condemned] and led him away. And Hájí Yár Muhammad, the Naqíb of the province, interceded for 'Abbás 'Alí, and brought him forth from the ranks [of the condemned]. But this Najaf 'Alí ultimately became the Mírzá's[footnote 1: By "the Mírzá" the Ezelís mean the late Mírzá Huseyn 'Alí, better known as Behá'u'lláh, Subh-i-Ezel's half-brother and rival. The Behá'í Bábís, whose qibla is Acre, are always called "Mírzá'ís" by the Ezelís residing in Cyprus.] servant, and, while engaged in his service, finally reached hell[footnote 2: i.e. was put to death.] by the commands of Násiru'd-Dín Sháh. And as for 'Abbás 'Alí, he was the brother of that Muhmúd Ustád whom you have seen in this land [i.e. at Famagusta]; and his father's name was Hájí Muhammad Huseyn, who attained martyrdom in the ranks of these martyrs by a bayonet-thrust.

But to be brief, lest the thread of the discourse be lost. After they had made all these believers sit down in ranks, naked, with their hands bound, in that bitter cold, on the snow in the midst of the square, orders were issued by the Amír and those 'Ulamá [who sat beside him] that they should be bayonetted to death. Then they raised a blare of trumpets, and the soldiers, amidst music and the beating of drums, martyred all of them with their bayonets. Then [came the turn of] those three men whom they had bound to the mouths of cannons, and they fired the cannons, so that every fragment of their bodies was
blown through the air to a different spot. Neither did they rest satisfied with this harsh sentence, but again ordered that the blessed body of His Holiness the Martyr should be taken out of its coffin, that a puppy-dog should be tied to its neck and a rope to its feet, and that it should be dragged on the ground by that rope through the streets and bazaars, and round about the city, as a warning to the people. And the shameless mob did more even than had been commanded, so that they dragged his blessed body from house to house, making a mock of it, and demanding from each house one or two sháhís in money. And for three days they continuously dragged it round about the city to every house, nor did they even then leave it, lest it might be decently buried somewhere; but there was a ditch outside the Tabríz gate, in the Citadel of the Fortress, in which they had deposited many dead bodies, and thither they bore his blessed body and laid it beside them, even withholding a handful of earth to cover it.

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