30 November 2006

More policemen being stripped by mob

Categ; [Brutal/Violence] [Mob] [Humiliation]

When I was in Mexico City last November, some people told me this is the strongest student movement in Mexico's history. Whether or not this is true, the strike continues to be heard, lending itself to the river of organized dissent/ As I write, on June 5th, the remaining 6 student prisoners have been approved for release on bail, after demanding to be let go as a group. (There are currently 200 students who have charges pending). Public school teachers are currently conducting their own strike on a national scale. The EZLN is having an official gathering in Mexico City on June 9th, in the midst of threats to "resolve the problem" before the new president is elected in July. Even AeroMexico workers have joined the picket line. And so the struggle continues in the spirit of El Mexe, a Normal School in the state of Hidalgo, where on February 19, 2000, 68 police officers were taken hostage, stripped naked, and hog tied by townspeople, in retaliation for the brutal repression of another student strike. (The officers were later traded for 376 prisoners of the State). As one officer commented afterward, "We always win, but by God, this time we lost." Amen brother.

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