07 November 2006

White farmer killed by militants, drink his blood-Zimbabwe

Zim militants drank murdered farmer's blood

October 24 2002

By Basildon Peta and Brian Latham

Rampaging war veterans who killed farmer David Stevens drank his blood aftermixing it with alcohol, the Zimbabwe High Court has heard.The blood-drinking revelation was made by an eyewitness who testified againstfour ruling Zanu-PF party militants charged with the April 2000 murder ofStevens, a farmer and opposition political activist, in Macheke, 160km east ofHarare.The militants were the first to be tried in connection with the deaths of 12white farmers who were butchered by President Robert Mugabe's supporters afterthe Zimbabwean government unleashed them on a violent campaign to seize and occupy white-owned farms in 2000.'They shared it among themselves'More than 200 black opposition activists have also been killed over the sameperiod.The high court heard that a group of ruling-party militants occupying Stevens'sArizona Farm abducted the farmer after some differences with him and frogmarched him to their office in the nearby Murehwa district.Stevens was beaten heavily before being dragged to a nearby burial shrine forheroes of Zimbabwe's 1970s war of independence from Britain. There Stevens wasshot dead."One of them knelt over Stevens's body and filled a container with blood, whichthey mixed with alcohol and shared among themselves," the eyewitness, who cannotbe named for his protection, told High Court Judge Benjamin Paradza.

He said he saw three of the 10 ruling-party militants present, who had beenallegedly drinking heavily that night, drink Stevens's blood.? The editor of Zimbabwe's independent Daily News, Geoff Nyarota, has againbeen charged under the country's notorious Public Order and Safety Act. It isthe sixth time Nyarota has been charged since February 2000.Police charged him with publishing a story that undermined the public'sconfidence in the police. Nyarota denied the charge on Thursday, saying thestory that detailed the torture of opposition MDC youth activist Tom Spicer wasnot false. - Independent Foreign Service


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