12 February 2007

Another Policeman stripped

Policeman stripped naked

Wednesday, 07 February 2007

A police officer stationed at Chikato Police Station in Masvingo was stripped naked by his lover and two of her sisters who demanded to see evidence of a sexually transmitted disease that he allegedly contracted from her lover. The three accused persons, Netsai Dokora (19), who was the police officer’s girlfriend and her sister Mellania, aged 28 and Muchaneta Chimhaka teamed up to assault Kevin Madziba(24) at Gomba Sports Bar last year. They pleaded not guilty but were convicted by Mr Vusimuzi Gapara.Netsai and Chimhaka were sentenced to seven days( or a fine of $4 000) for indecent assault while Mellania was given six days (or a fine of $3 000) for assault.The State case as presented by the prosecutor, Mr Henry Sande, was that on 11 June last year at around 6pm, Madziba was approached by the three women who were accusing him of impregnating Netsai.The three manhandled Madziba and assaulted him with fists and went on to strip him naked in full view of other patrons demanding to see the STD which he allegedly contracted from Netsai. Madziba was left naked in the bar and was only given something to cover himself by fellow patrons who intervened and restrained the three women. Madziba reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of the three.

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