16 February 2007

A student's punishment

This story, although inspired by the Duke University Rape Case, is entirely fictional. None of the characters in the story are meant to reflect on any actual person. The story is for entertainment purposes only. In reality, it is the author’s opinion

It was one of those large private universities which were known for academics as well as athletics. Also of the athletes, many of whom were on scholarship, that attended, none were more exulted than the Lacrosse Team. It should be noted at this point that this particular college, unlike so many others in the country, was without a basketball team. It had lacrosse, water polo, swimming and diving, as well as several other sports. Interestingly enough though, the sports that were favored seemed to be the ones played by white males. The lacrosse team was near the end of a winning season, when it was decided to have a big rowdy party, including prostitutes and strippers. Randy, the captain of the team, and a son of a corporate executive, planned on this. He was not noted for his “sensitivity” to either women or minorities. The team had neither. And as a final note, Randy, like the rest of his teammates, hated homosexuals as well.“Well, Tom, you looking foreword to scoring some bitches”. “Yeah!” was Tom’s reply. We’ll fuck’em good and hard. “That’s right”. The two talked on and on about their future sexual plans. “Yeah, but what if they don’t want to?” “What’s the difference?” The two then laughed at this for the next ten minutes. So young Tom and the team captain Randy talked on and on about what they were going to do to the strippers or prostitutes they were going to hire for their party. (Strippers, or prostitutes, because in the minds of these boys, they were the same-only one charged more. They never took no for an answer.) The two young men continued talking and walking through the campus, up to the sports complex that housed the team’s facilities, and inside they went, down the stairs, and into the restricted area of the team locker room. “You know the code?” “Yeah.” They entered the code to the locked doors, and inside the two went, to change and get ready for practice. Practice went well that late spring day, and soon all the boys on the team were ready to hit the showers. So they marched, single file, helmets on and carrying their lacrosse sticks, back to their locker room. The door was opened, and in the team marched, joking and laughing all the way in. Soon inside the locker room, the air filled with the smell of sweaty athletic bodies, which, to some, would be repulsive, but to others, inviting. All these tall, perfectly built, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty year old men in a room, preparing to shower after their practice. Lots of loud obscene talk at the same time, as Randy and Tom told the others about the party they were planning for that evening. “I already called some of the chicks…” “Are they hot?” “They fuckin better be, for what we’re pay’in them!” “Oh, shut the fuck up, your old man can spare the change!” “Yeah, he thinks I need the money for my education!” “You do, your sex education!” And so on and so on this locker room banter continued. By this time someone turned on the showers, and the loud noise of the roar of water flooded the entire room, adding its ambiance, to the atmosphere of sweat and trashy talk that so often is the environment of young men about to engage in the group showers that athletes seem to take more as a kind of bonding ritual than as a hygienic necessity. “Yeah, turn the fucking water on…its always so fuck’in cold when I get in there!” The boys let the showers run for several minutes before even beginning to undress. They hated to walk into cold water. After a few more minutes of trash talk, the topic of “queers” was broached. “Maybe we should roll some fags after the party!” Suggested one of the boys, to the enthusiastic agreement of the others. It seemed that always the topic of homosexuality was brought up just at the time when the team members, almost in unison, started to undress. This almost seemed a way to avoid any finger pointing on the part of anyone, who might be afraid of showing too much interest in the bodies of his teammates. For, truth be told, this was the moment that any closet homosexual would be waiting for-the lacrosse team members were starting to strip. Boots, helmets, blue jerseys, shorts, everything, even jock straps, was coming off. The look of blue and black lacrosse uniforms was fading and being replaced by a solid mass of white flesh, as the perfectly formed, but youthful men of the college lacrosse team stripped themselves completely naked, and proceeded to the shower room, without even picking up their towels. Their bodies were too sweaty, and they were comfortable in the nude, at least in front of each other, that is. (If the reader wishes to pause, feel free, and imagine the procession of totally nude lacrosse players marching to their showers. Their bodies almost uniform in their perfection, from their youthful faces, smooth chests, muscular backs, flat stomachs, well shaped legs, and yes, I don’t mind saying, even their private parts. No one’s penis was overly large, but in youth the sight still seemed delectable. And as they walked past, imagine their smooth, firm buttocks flexing up and down. It is no wonder these boys were worried about “queers” in their locker room!)After the showers were completed the boys dressed, not before giving each other a few “smacks” on each other’s backsides, though. Why they felt the need to do this after every practice, I’ll never know. But, I sure envy the loud smacking sound each bun made when slapped hard! They were soon dressed and off to their dorms for preparation for the upcoming party. Randy and Tom especially were intent on having a good, dirty, time.The party that night was a real blast. Around midnight, a black stripper came, and proceeded to undress right in the middle of the entire team! The drunk lacrosse team, especially Randy and Tom, shouted out, “more, more , more, show everything, you slut!!” The woman, who didn’t look half bad, did several things in front of the boys, even bending over and displaying her most intimate private parts. She even spread her cheeks, and gave these guys a good long look at her anus and her vagina, even opening up her lips. The boys on the team were rock hard at this. Both Randy and Tom were starting to experience the sensation of precum on their penises, and being soaked through their tight Calvin Klein briefs, that all these affluent kids seemed to wear. Finally, Randy, a well-built but not overweight brunette, offered up his organ for inspection by the dancer. He unzipped his fly, and out popped his fairly sizeable, rock hard penis, just slightly oozing a little precum. “Now, you nigger bitch suck, this white man’s Johnson! Don’t you hear, bitch, the ‘Massah’s’ calling you!!!” The other team players got a real laugh out of this. The woman, though, didn’t see the joke, and proceeded to put her skimpy outfit back on. “Where you going, bitch?!” Randy demanded. “Hey, bitch, we fuck’in paid you. You’re not gonna leave now. Stop, you fuckin cunt! Now!” Randy, and soon tall blonde Tom as well were cursing the woman, who was intent on leaving the party because of the obvious racist taunts of these kids, who seemed to think that, just because they paid her, had every right to do whatever they wanted with her. She attempted to leave, but faced a throng of well muscled young athletes who stood between her and the door. “You’re not leaving. You think you are too good, we’ll see about that!” Randy went to grab her by the arm and pull her away, but she resisted, and proved surprisingly strong, even to the young athlete, who like his teammates lifted weights. “Give me a hand, Tom!” Tom hesitated, but decided to help his buddy, and the two soon dragged her, kicking and screaming toward the upstairs bedroom. Some of the team laughed at this; others just stood there in stunned silence, but no one intervened on the woman’s behalf. “Now, bitch, for the real entertainment!” Randy said this as he and Tom dragged the woman upstairs. In a few minutes the others could hear the woman screaming, and the two boys laughing and shouting from the upstairs bedroom. After struggling with the woman for several minutes, they decided to let her go, without having sex. “You aren’t worth the trouble, bitch!” She left, enraged at their conduct. As she left the other boy’s, who made no effort to come to her assistance during the attack, yelled racial taunts at her. She vowed to herself that she would get even for their behavior. So, she went to the nearest police station, and told the desk sergeant that she had been raped.Down that quiet street, several police patrol cars and a paddy wagon rolled, with their sirens off. In front of the large house, where the team held the party, the police stopped. The sergeant, a large black man with a deep, commanding voice, said, “okay, we know what happened here, let’s do what we know we have to do! She said their names were Randy and Tom. And you know the description. Let’s get them while they’re still sleeping.” The police advanced upon the doors to the house, and using their expertise undid the locked doors, and were soon inside the house. Inside, it was dark, and quiet. It seemed that all the lacrosse team had left after the evenings “action” was over. That is, all but Tom and Randy, who were the hosts of the night’s festivities. They were both upstairs, sound asleep. Several officers, including the large black sergeant, proceeded up the steps toward the two young men’s room. Inside the room, the police shouted, “wake up…police, we have an arrest warrant for…..(and gave the names of the two)!” Randy, with the sleep still not out of his eyes, rose slightly in the bed, and turned on a nightlight that was right next to him in the bed, on a small night stand. “Hey, what……hey, what the fuck is this?” “Are you Randy Anderson?” “Yeah. Who wants to know?” “The Hillsdale Police, that’s who, you are under arrest for…….” The officer gave a description of the charges and the arrest warrant. By this time, Tom, in the next bed was also beginning to wake up, and was likewise greated by a similar statement. Both young men started to get nervous when they began to realize the gravity of the situation. “You mean, like we’re arrested?” Queried, Randy, whose big brown eyes were starting to get bigger, and whose quivering chin was just about visible under the mini beard that seems so popular with some young men these days. “Come on, let’s go!” “Now?” “Yeah…..now!” The sergeant was getting impatient with Randy, who clearly had a different definition of now than he. “Okay, but just let me have a chance to get dressed. You guys can wait in the hallway….” “Now!!!” Demanded the sergeant, and in one yank, pulled the covers clear off Randy, revealing him nearly naked and only wearing grey low cut jockey briefs. “Hey, what the fuck!” Randy tried to cover himself, but two other officers quickly intervened, and had the young man out of the bed, and they threw him, face down, on the floor. Randy didn’t seem to expect that at all, and fell, uncharacteristically, in a thud, with none of the balance that his chosen sport normally requires. His frame was long, and fairly well muscled. He had a nice tan, and just a little hint of chest hair, good for a college student of only twenty years of age. His legs were long, and clearly well shaped, with just a little brown hair over them. His back was smooth. Any hairiness only separated him from the female of the species, but in no way detracted from his youthful body’s appearance. His bottom, of course, was covered mostly by his grey briefs, but the sight still looked delectable, almost as though the underwear was only worn as a “teaser”. This of course was not the intention of Randy, who was a typical homophobic jock. It was merely the underwear most comfortable for athletic usage, and it provided more coverage than a jockstrap, which no one on the team wore, for that very reason. Before Randy had time to react, his arm was twisted to the breaking point behind his back, and the handcuffs were secured with an authoritative click. “Wait, wait, what the fuck…..my clothes, my clothes!” The protests only resulted in a punch in the flat, slightly hairy stomach, of the lacrosse captain. This doubled the youth over and sent him to his knees. He was yanked, coughing, up again, and kept quiet after that. He was left standing, in his jockeys, with his hands cuffed behind his back, and his one elbow held securely by one of the police officers. Smooth and blond Tom saw this activity, and gradually his own insecurity grew. After the subduing of Randy, which only took less than a minute, the police turned to him. Although muscular, about the same height as Randy, only a little heavier, the young man’s eyes grew wide open with the emotion of fear in them, which was apparent even in the dimly lit room. Not wanting to provoke the police the way his friend Randy had, Tom simply put his hands up, and stepped out of the bed and stood, hands up and level with his head, in his red plaid boxers. “Turn around, and put your hands behind your back!” Tom complied, and was soon cuffed. Then both boys, heads low in shame, were marched in handcuffs out the door, down the steps, and toward the paddy wagon, still in their “skivvies” . The arrest was done quickly and efficiently, and the big black sergeant praised the other officers for that. “Good job, men, now let’s process these punks downtown!” The doors to the paddy wagon were slammed shut, and off the police cars went, in the direction of the main processing jail for Hillsdale.The police, cars and paddy wagon, pulled up to the jail. It was a fairly large building, and served as a holding facility not only for Hillsdale, but for every other community in the county as well. “Get out, boys!” A police officer summoned the arrestees, who climbed out of the van, still cuffed and stripped to their underwear, and led them into the facility, up a few steps and through the double doors, to be processed and held inside. The other officers, including the big black sergeant, followed.Inside the facility were several desks, all piled with paperwork, and sitting in each were either police officers, or male and female secretaries. In all, about thirty people were in the large front office area of the facility. They all seemed to be busy doing something. But when the double doors opened, it seemed as though the room got suddenly quiet. Typewriters stopped banging, people stopped talking, filing cabinet drawers stopped opening and closing. The people, male and female alike, just looked up. There they saw the half dozen or so uniformed officers, not an unusual sight, and the nearly naked arrestees, which was unusual. The police looked back and smiled, even the sergeant, but the two young men-Randy and Tom-looked up in horror at the obvious attention they were being subjected. This was especially true of Randy, whose body was certainly something to be proud of, but who didn’t appreciate being put on display. From head to toes Randy’s frame was firm and well-shaped. He had a nice tan, long legs, a flat stomach, and just enough body hair. He had a little bit of hair on his chest that tapered down to a narrow trail that led to his stomach, then below to his navel, then down to the waistband of his grey low cut Calvin Klein briefs (“yummy!”). His rather narrow face was tanned and handsome, with no lines, his hair, cut short, was brown as were his eyes. As I said before, he had a tiny beard on his chin, the style nowadays. For a second or two, Randy looked back at the eyes upon him, but then turned away. Then he turned his head back and forth, as if by doing this he could make his almost naked frame disappear. It was plain to all in the room that the young man was extremely embarrassed-and terrified. Tom had a similar demeanor. The police clearly enjoyed a huge psychological advantage over the two boys. At this point a lieutenant, a white man in his fifties with a pot belly and bald head, came over and spoke to the sergeant. “Serge, can you come into my office?” The two men then stepped into a small enclosure and shut the door behind them. They were clearly visible through the windows, which surrounded the lieutenant’s office. “Look, you didn’t even let these kids get dressed? You can’t lead them through here, practically buck naked, in front of every person, male and female, who works or visits here. What will their lawyer say?” “Sir, with all due respect, I think these kids committed a heinous crime and are covering for it. It outrages me to think they will walk because we have only the word of the victim here. Please, let me have some leeway here. I know that I can psychologically break these two smart assed punks.” “Okay, but by tomorrow, if you don’t come up with anything, like a confession, they have to be released!” “Thank you sir. I think one day with them will be all I need; its almost morning now.” Then the sergeant left the lieutenant’s office, and motioned to several officers to accompany him and the two college boys through the large reception office and through a dark hallway in the back and toward the special interrogation rooms, that were isolated, without windows, and were used for questioning and examining suspects. The boys paraded through, their faces showing more and more terror with each step of their bare feet on the cold hard floor. As they walked they wondered what was going to happen to them. Tom wondered if the unbuttoned fly to his boxers would open, and Randy just hoped that his tight low cut briefs didn’t ride up and give him a “wedgie” in front of everybody. Their hands remained securely cuffed behind their backs, increasing their humiliation.Past the large reception area, the two young men were marched, and down into a long dark corridor, which was lit only every few feet or so, by some pale light bulbs on the ceiling. They all walked past several doors, which were on both sides, and came to an ordinary door marked, “interrogation room”. The sergeant took out some keys, unlocked the door, and soon the two handcuffed suspects, and at least four other police officers, were inside. Inside the room itself, which was not very large, and like the hallway, had a bare floor, were several metal folding chairs, and a wooden folding table covered with a sheet. Over in the corner, the two nearly nude youths saw, was a tripod with a video camera. This gave the boys an ominous feeling. At this time, fortunately, the handcuffs were removed. Tom stood feeling his wrists, and looked down. Randy just stood, arms at his sides, looking around. The sergeant, and the other officers each took up chairs, and all had a seat in front of the two suspects, who were obliged to stand, side by side. At this time Randy spoke up, and asked if they would be given anything to wear. His reply was “later”. When he asked when, the reply was harsher, one of the officers just said, “shut up, and do as you are told!” For the next ten minutes the officers took turns firing questions at the two lacrosse students, and attempted to trip them up on their answers. Nothing conclusive was learned. Finally the sergeant spoke up. “Okay, my boys, since you don’t want to cooperate, we will have to put you under arrest, and hold you until your lawyer arrives and you post bail! You will now be searched fully!” At this point the sergeant, and one other officer, ordered the two to remove their underwear. They did so, and then were made to bend down, and hand these over to the officers, who placed them on the table. Then they were ordered to raise their hands high above their heads. “No, higher than that! Higher!” Then the police separated into two groups, one for Tom and one for Randy. They surrounded their respective subject, and looked up and down for any evidence of the crime. They were separated at this time, and made to stand at opposite sides of the room. At this time, someone reminded the sergeant, “hey, we had better have this on video!” The sergeant agreed, and soon the video camera was turned on, and the boys were informed that it could cover most of the room, and that the video was needed for “your protection”.The search of the young men’s bodies continued, only now, frustrated, the police demanded that Randy assume a spread eagled position. This was even more humiliating for Randy, who couldn’t help but notice that the police seemed to be fixated on his genital organs, and on his healthy bush of course pubic hair. Randy was obliged to stand there, motionless, as two police, the sergeant and one other officer stared at his entirely nude body up and down. The sergeant stood in front of Randy, and the other officer stood behind him. They continued, up and down, looking for anything that may suggest the crime. Finally, Randy was allowed to lower his arms, this he did, breathing a sigh of relief. But this positive feeling was short lived, though. For at that point, one of the officers said, “Now, son, pull up your penis!” Randy was stunned. Did he really mean that? He thought. He was not too familiar with strip search procedures and wasn’t sure if this guy was joking-or a pervert. He soon found out. “Look, asshole, I said to pull up your dick. You understand, you dipshit?!” Randy was now starting to tremble. But he did what he was told, and reached down, and grabbed the end of his penis, and pulled it up, for the two officers to inspect. Next he was told to raise his balls. He did this without hesitation. By this time Randy knew where things were going, although he tried not to think about it……On the other side of the room, Tom was being searched in a similar fashion as Randy. His body, unlike Randy’s, was smooth. His penis, which was smaller than Randy’s, was likewise inspected. He had very little pubic hair. One of the officers even joked. “Believe me kid, you ain’t got nothing to hide!” All the police in the room laughed at that one. Tom, like Randy, knew by now where these police were headed. There was no avoiding it…..Then a knock happened at the door. “Come in!” The door opened, and in walked a fat, middle aged woman, wearing a nurse’s aide’s outfit. “Its about time! We were getting worried.” She smiled, then looked at the two nude, and terrified boys, “did I miss anything?” “No, besides, we have the video. You can even have a copy, to show for ‘educational purposes’. We aren’t forgetting you. I’ll tell you what, since we respect you for coming all the way down here so early in the morning, we will let you do the honors.” “Not just yet, I have a surprise. She is just out of the hospital. You can come in now, honey. With that, in walked a second woman. She was a young African American woman, and she looked familiar…..she was the woman that they had hired! How humiliating! They were performing for her! This was too much, the boys, who avoided this gesture out of fear of looking too vulnerable, couldn’t avoid it anymore. They both, almost in unison, cupped their hands over their genitals. Tom, his face now bright red, seemed even more affected than Randy. Accustomed to be scene in boxers, this state of total nudity in front of the two African American women, degraded him even more than Randy. He not only grabbed his “jewels” but also pressed his knees together, and looked almost like he was play acting, his posture crouched down slightly. But everyone in the room knew that it was not acting, for looking at his handsome, smooth face, topped with short blond hair, everyone could see his eyes fill with tears as he started to cry. The big black sergeant smiled as he saw this. Good, he thought, that is what I want to see. The two ladies also smiled, especially the victim. If I didn’t know any better she thought, I wouldn’t believe this scared young thing was one of the men who “dissed” me. He looks pathetic, she thought, well, I hope he gets what’s coming to him!The big fat nurse sat down on one of the metal chairs. “Come here, sweaty!” Tom looked up, eyes filled with tears. “You heard her kid. Move it!” At that the big black sergeant grabbed Tom’s arm, almost pulling it away from his genitals, and shoved the young man toward the nurse. “She’s going to examine you! You do what she says, boy! Understand?” “Uhhh…(sob, sob, sniffle), yes…sir.” Tom replied. This brought a big smile from the nurse. She thanked the sergeant for handling the situation so well, and looked up at her prize, who was standing right in front of her. By now he stopped cupping his “jewels”, after all, what was the use?The tall, muscular, blond lacrosse player was thus made to stand, completely naked, in front of this fat middle aged black nurses aide. The woman, with a smile, did her job well. She examined the young man’s penis, its tip, and the very light touch of pubic hair seen on his groin. She made sure to examine up and down his body as well, and made him, as earlier, raise his arms above his head, and turn around several times. She gave the well built young jock a good going over. You couldn’t say she wasn’t doing her job. Finally, she said, “now, sweaty, turn around, bend over, and open up your cheeks for me.” Tom blushed. He hoped that they forgot about that. Not a chance. Meanwhile Randy looked on, by now well aware of what he, too, was in for. In the end, both boys went through full body searches, by this woman. They held back their tears during the ordeal, though, and were slowly recovering their composure. But dried tears were still visible on their faces. For the record, both Tom and Randy also had their anuses examined by the woman. All the while their accuser, her own private parts wet by now, looked on. It was a once in a lifetime sight-the visual humiliation of two arrogant college lacrosse players. It made her humiliation at that party well worth it! Oh, she thought, to see a naked young white college athlete bend over and spread his butt cheeks….yummy! And just. She was, by ogling, actually raping them with her eyes. Finally, the sergeant, who made sure the video camera was capturing all the action, spoke up. “Nurse, we will have to gather some evidence of this crime. We will need samples of both their pubic hair, and of their semen.” The two boys looked at each other in horror. “Fine”, replied the nurse’s aide, “let me get some things.” She reached into a small medical bag that she was carrying, and got some tiny plastic bags, and some scissors. She summoned Randy first. The tall, brown haired man had ample body hair for a male his age. This included his pubes, which were a thick bush. Although he wouldn’t admit it, this was a source of pride to him in the locker room and showers. Since he had already been examined by this woman he didn’t hesitate about stepping foreword to be asked to sacrifice a few pubic hairs. When he did so, the woman, like an inexperienced barber, started chopping away. Randy stepped back, surprised. “Wait!” “What are you doing?” This only brought on a loud command from the big black sergeant to get back to his place, and submit to the sample collection. He did so, and she continued cutting. Randy didn’t want to look down, but had to, briefly. He noticed, in horror, that his groin was now practically bald! With his tan that was evident elsewhere, the skin in this particular location looked almost pale white, and was obvious even from far away. He felt thus even more emasculated, and as a result tears came welling up and he started to cry. Tom went through the same procedure, although the damage was less obvious on him as he had little body hair to begin with. The nurse, however, made up for this by going on and on about the lack of development in his sexual organs. This eventually had the same impact as the shearing did to Randy. The victim, meanwhile, started to giggle. As far as she was concerned, this show made everything worth it. Now, the sergeant, as a final humiliation, saved the best for last. “Now we will need samples of their semen, remember?” He handed each young man a plastic cup, with their name on it. “Use these.” Randy, still shaken, spoke up. “Okay, sir, uhh, where is the bathroom?” “Bathroom?” “Uhh…yeah, I mean, you know, for…..” “Ha, ha ha, you don’t think that you are going to use a bathroom, do you? You will do it right here! For all of us to see! And the video camera to record the event for posterity! We need the video for training purposes, plus the public wants to see what is really going on!” Tom and Randy started to cry again, uncontrollably this time. They pleaded, and pleaded. “Please, no, no sir, we’re sorry, please, not that, it won’t happen again, please, sir, please!” But the sergeant, the cops, and the two ladies, especially the victim, would have none of it. “Start jerking off! Now! You don’t get out of here until we have a sample! You’ve got five minutes!” Neither Tom nor Randy had erections. The sergeant gave them five minutes to ejaculate, or he would jail them both for lack of cooperation, and put them with “bubba”. So, with tears in their eyes, and faces bright red, both lacrosse jocks started masturbating. It was a job, because in their nervousness, and lack of privacy, their penises wouldn’t seem to cooperate. Randy’s, although larger initially than Tom’s, actually seemed to shrink a little. The lack of privacy was really turning them off, so they continued at a feverish pace. “Uhh, uh, uh, uh, uh” said Randy. “Ah Ahh Ahh Ahh” said Tom. Soon both their faces, and even their chests and stomachs were getting reddened. And remember, it was all being filmed! “Four minutes!” More hard work. Finally, erections started to form on the boys. “Four minutes and twenty seconds!” Desperate, the two were now banging their meat, and practically screaming. “AAAAHHHHH!!!!, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” You would have think they were being tortured. “Four and forty seconds, Bubba’s getting ready!” Desperation! Screaming and pounding their meat. The women couldn’t believe it! Wow! What a show! Even the male officers were starting to get turned on! Finally, Randy shot a load, followed by Tom. They tried to catch as much of their loads as possible, but made a mess on the outside of their cups. Out of breath, panting hard like he just went a marathon, Randy, between gasps of air, said, “okay…(pant pant pant) here it is…(pant pant)…here (pant)…here, sir.” Randy handed over his cup, followed by Tom. “Thanks, guys, you did real well. Unfortunately, you were just one second late.” Then he turned to one of the other police officers…. “Okay, officer, get these two ready for transport to the County Prison! Bubba won this one! Ha ha!” Randy stood there, looked at Tom, who looked back. Then, in unison, they both started wailing again, this time more like little girls, than scared young men, and then they just fell to their knees and continued crying, and crying.The sergeant then left the interrogation room, along with the nurse and the woman who was raped. He went to the lieutenant’s office. “Well, lieutenant, you see what I was saying? I managed to break these kids real fast. I want to see their attorneys try and wiggle their way out of this!” “Good, sergeant!” , replied the lieutenant, “what are you doing now!” “Getting them ready for transport, sir. We have them in bright orange jumpsuits! The other inmates at the county jail probably already know about this. They always do!” “Fresh fish!” replied the lieutenant. Then both men laughed and walked together to the interrogation room. They were just in time to see Randy and Tom, dressed in sandals and those aforementioned orange jumpsuits walking gloomily out of the room, and down toward the rear of the police station. Their hands were shackled along with their ankles. The guards assigned to them, who were both African American, didn’t want to take any chances. The sergeant and the lieutenant smiled as the rear doors were opened, and the two prisoners were led into a small courtyard to a waiting municipal van. They stepped in and the doors were slammed shut. Then the rear gate way doors were opened, and the van disappeared down the road-toward the county jail. “Bye bye, assholes!” laughed the sergeant. “What about the videos of their processing?” “Don’t worry, sir, they are being saved.” “Good, I want us to be covered!” “Don’t worry, sir, and I would like to suggest that these be kept for the purposes of training some of our corrections officers.” “Good idea, sergeant, but I would like to watch them first, in addition, I think that we can sell them to some video stores, for ‘educational purposes’ you know.” The two men laughed at this, they knew that it was common practice for the police in the town to arrest people, usually young white males, and have them submit to strip searches and even total body cavity searches. These were videotaped, for the “protection of the suspects” and it was common for these videotapes to be sold to local video stores. Under the law these were not considered pornography, but educational. They were part of keeping the public “informed” and hence protected. Needless to say, these videos were better gay porn, and cheaper, than anything else available. It gave the police an extra incentive to do their jobs well. Local college kids complained bitterly about the videos, but, hey, if you can’t do the time (or the video) don’t get in trouble.The lieutenant got the tape, and put it into his VCR that was in his office. “Wow, you really did a good job sergeant! Amazing! You really got those punks scared! I thought these college lacrosse punks were pussies, but I didn’t think that they were that pathetic. They are crying like girls!” “Yeah, and that’s what they will be..girls!” More laughter. The van pulled up to the front wall of the county jail. On either side there were high guard towers. It looked like something right out of the movies. The front gates opened, after the passes of the drivers were checked. “Right in guys!” Smiled the guard at the front gate. Then in drove the van. On either side, playing basketball or lifting weights in the exercise yard, were several dozen inmates, mostly black, but also some pretty scary looking white guys as well. Then someone yelled: “fresh fish! Fresh fish!” Tom and Randy were horrified! They knew that they were being yelled at. “Look, uhh driver, sir, you aren’t going to put us with them are you?” “Don’t worry, kid, they don’t know who you are, yet. Waite til I tell them, then you can worry! Ha ha ha!” Randy just looked in horror at Tom when he heard these words. His heart sank. All his hope was fading. Then the van went inside the building to a processing area. The doors slammed behind the boys. They were weighed, and photographed, again. They stood at a desk and filled out some paper work. Then some more doors were opened and they proceeded into the prison itself. There were cells on either side, and lots of inmates looking out and taking interest at the two scared young white boys that were being led in. A few catcalls and kisses were blown at them. Randy and Tome tried to ignore this. For a second Randy even tried to look tough, but it was no use. His fear was just as obvious as Tom’s. They were marched through the jail all the way they walked. Then they went downstairs to a shower area. It was not like the area they were accustomed to going after lacrosse practice. It was dark and dirty. They were led by two African American guards, the same two who drove the van that got them here. They wore grey uniforms that said department of corrections. They were led to a large, bare shower stall, where an old black guy, Randy figured he was an inmate, was standing there with a hose. “Okay, assholes, here you sons a bitches will be processed!” “Look, sir, don’t call us that, we have…” Bam! One of the black officers punched Randy so hard that the young man was knocked clean on his ass. “Don’t you speak unless you are spoken to, asshole, you got that, you little pussy?!” Randy looked up. Then he said quietly. “Uhhh…yeh…I mean, uhh, yes, sir.” He then got up, and stood next to Tom, who looked just as terrified. And waited for instructions. But no instructions were forthcoming. The two guards just stepped foreword, and as the elderly black guy holding the hose beamed a bright smile, unzipped the jumpsuits, and quickly stripped them off the two university lacrosse players. Tom and Randy were left standing in their sandals, naked before the three black men. Tom looked down. He gently put one of his hands over his small penis. Randy looked down, too, and realized in horror what the police had done at the police station. Their pubic hair was gone! This was a startling remembrance. And there would be no privacy here. Needless to say, Randy also tried to “cover up”. But it was too late. “Hey looky here! They shaved! They must be fruitcakes or something!” The inmate trustee said these words, even though he knew better. He knew of the custom of police of taking large samples of pubic hair from suspects, especially cocky young white guys. It was an effective tactic to break them, to emasculate them. In this situation, it worked like a charm in the two lacrosse dudes.Then, the corrections officers ordered Randy and Tom into the shower room, and to “do what the trustee tells you, or else!” The boys knew by now that these guys really meant business. So they stood, naked, in the shower room, and, under orders from the elderly trustee, “assumed the position”, feet apart, hands behind their heads, eyes front. The trustee and the guards smiled, looking over the two young men. Smooth and well muscled blond Tom, with his face looking like an angel, or slightly older looking, and leaner and hairier Randy. Naked, and standing in this position, the sight was almost too good to be true. These were young white university lacrosse players, both of them. And now, an inmate, an African American, was standing there, hose in hand, and was in charge of them. He looked at their faces. Despite being nineteen and twenty years of age, in their vulnerable position, they looked younger-even Randy. The old man smiled as he looked them up and down. Sometimes one or the other of the boys would take a quick peek from side to side, or even make eye contact with the trustee or with one of the corrections officers. Always this would be followed by a sharp rebuke: “I said eyes front..asshole, you understand, boy!” “Uhhh, yes, sir!” The young men were obviously completely intimidated by their tormentors. This was good. They would be easy to control. They were under the power of people that last week they would have despised. The situation of their lives was now upside down. They remained in that position, a position of surrender really, for several more minutes. Then the trustee turned on the hose, and proceeded to wash the two beautiful young men. He let the hose go all over their young athletic bodies. He was sure to see to it that he got up and down their sides, and, with their legs open, he got between there too, and was sure to get their penises. After all we wouldn’t want them dirty now, would we? He thought. Finally, they were ordered to turn around, and thus reveal their naked butts to the three men. They of course could not see them, but they felt the eyes upon them. And the hose kept spraying. It was humiliating. Simply a degrading procedure that had more to do with breaking down a young man’s spirit than with hygiene. But if that was its sinister purpose, it was most effective on the two young white college athletes. And indeed, their buttocks were worth looking at, if I may say so, and not have it seem in poor taste. Then finally the inevitable order: “bend over, and spread your cheeks! Now!” The two youths were a bit surprised. They didn’t know how far this hosing down was going to go. They also knew, however, that there was nothing to do about it. So, inevitably, you guessed it, they bent over, legs spread, and pulled their buttocks wide apart for the total viewing of the three black men. Their anuses were plainly visible in this obscene position. Can’t these people at least let a man keep some of his dignity? Thought Randy. Tom was by this time on the verge of tears. This is just wrong he thought. Nevertheless, the hosing continued, with the old trustee even starting to sing! The two corrections officers were actually starting to get hard ons under their uniforms. It was too good. Two young white privileged university lacrosse punks under their power! Justice, they thought. Now they will be degraded and humiliated. That is how it should be. We have the power. All the power now. There privilege means nothing in here. And look at there anuses. One a little hairy, and one smooth and pink like a kids. Great eye candy!After this point the boys were allowed to stand up straight again, and let there privates, at least as far as their anuses go, be covered, if only by their beautiful buns. They were still naked, though. And humiliated. And above all scared. They then had to raise their arms again, straight out to the side, and submit to another humiliation. That was delousing. The trustee, his own old pecker starting to get hard by now, put some delousing powder in his hand and proceeded to toss some under each young man’s arms and between each man’s legs, near their now smooth shaved groins. Then, as an added affront, they had to bend over again, although without spreading their legs, just bending their knees, and open up the view to their anuses again. Delousing powder was spread there, too. Now these young men, stripped naked, were perfectly sanitized. Now they were ready to meet the rest of the prison population, who by now were aware of their offenses, and generally were waiting their chance to get even!Tom and Randy were then tossed some prison clothes and some underwear. “Put these on!” The two young men then got dressed in their new outfits, and were greatfil that their nudity was finally being covered. They were then led out of the shower area and into the general housing cell block area. They walked with the two black corrections officers into the big cell block area, that was full of mostly black, but some tough looking white inmates as well. It was a scary place. Tom and Randy stayed together. “No , you two are going to be separated. Don’t worry, assholes, we will find new lovers for you both! Ha Ha HA” The two boys looked at each other in horror. “See you later, bud”. They gave each other a final handshake and embrace, and each went to a different section of the prison accompanied by one of the corrections officers. Tom was led to a small cell, with three black guys in it. “In there you go!” Tom stepped inside and soon the door was slammed shut behind him, and the guard walked away, “pleasant dreams, lover boy!” Then he walked away laughing. Tom, just stood there, staring through the bars. Then he turned and sat down on one of the bunks. His three cellmates looked at each other, then at Tom. “Hey, dude, you one of them dudes that they say raped that black girl at the college?” “Yeah, I am I mean…” Tom realized his mistake; he should not have admitted who he was, although clean cut college kids like him were rare enough in this place to make him stand out. “Good, asshole, cuz, we were waiting to get a piece of you!” “Don’t you touch, me…I’ll call the guard, I will!” Tom then yelled out for the guard, but the other three guys just laughed, “you think that he cares, he’s a ‘brother’ too, even the white ones don’t care!” Then the three jumped on Tom, who fought back hard, screaming for help, to no avail. Kicking and struggling, his three attackers were driven back, only to surround Tom like a pack of wolves waiting for another chance to pounce on their quarry. Tom yelled for help some more, only succedding in getting the attention of the other inmates on the cell block, who from their cells, were enjoying the spectacle. “Fresh fish, fresh fish!” They kept yelling. “that one is about to get it”. Loud cheering, even drowning out Tom’s cries for help. Tom continued to fight, but more in desperation, as though he knew that he was only postponing the inevitable outcome. There would be no help for him in here.Tom kicked and hit his assailants at least several times. He was strong and athletic. But eventually one of them got on Tom’s back and held him from behind, putting the boy off balance and hence making his subsequent blows ineffective. But Tom kept on swinging nevertheless, futile as it was. Finally, with his arms held, and kicking instead, at least one of his attackers was in position to make a good counterattack. Wham, wham, bang bang. Repeated blows were struck into Tom’s stomach and chest. Gradually Tom grew weaker and weaker under the onslaught. He was then punched several more times in his stomach, and eventually went limp, collapsing under the weight of the blows. At that point his other two attackers had more of an opportunity to join in the assault. Tom was finished, and clearly being beaten into submission. It was no use to resist at this point. Tom fell, gasping and coughing, to the floor of the cell, on his hands and knees. The other inmates watched on, and cheered. “Now, we begin the fun part! Let’s get this bitch!”Laughing and smiling, the three men then lost no time in ripping off Tom’s shirt. They revealed Tom’s strong tanned, but bruised upper body. Then the boy’s pants were pulled down, all the way to his ankles. His shoes the attackers didn’t even bother with. The onlookers outside watched from their cells and cheered some more. It was a great show. “Nice ass.” “Look at that butt!” “Wow, I sure would want a piece of that!” “How many cartons of smokes are you selling ‘her’ for?” The yelling and cheering continued. Tom, just laid there being stripped. He was by now too stunned to offer any more resistence. He was now naked, except for his shoes and socks, which of course only served to make him look even more exposed. He was still trying to get up, but was shoved back down on his hands and knees. “Down, bitch!” Tom stayed down, remaining almost naked on his hands and knees, then he felt something weird. It was hands on his bare bottom, feeling and kneading his cheeks, like dough. “Nice, nice, nice smooth ass, like marble, yeah, firm, nice ass,” Someone kept saying. Tom’s face went red. This was totally humiliating. He felt his buttocks actually being pulled open by one pair of hands, while the other two held his back and his head, keeping him in the down position. Various comments were made about his body. Until now, Tom never really understood what it felt like being raped. His whole manhood, no, even his feeling of being a person, was disintegrating. Tom next felt a hand feeling all the way between his buttocks, which, being on his kness with his legs fairly spread, were pretty much open. The fingers felt Tom’s anus, and worked their way down all the way to the young blonde’s scrotum, and his penis then to his groin. “Hey, its smooth here!” His assailant noted the shaved groin area of the young man. “Why is that, bitch? You a fag, or what?” “Well, one thing is clear, if you ain’t a fag yet, you soon will be!” Tom didn’t answer. He kept his head low. The physical violation made him too humiliated to say anything. Then he felt something on his anus. It was cold and wet. At first he thought it was a penis, but it wasn’t. It was his assailant’s mouth! He was biting and licking the area between Tom’s buttocks and biting and licking his anus as well. Tom kept his head down. In a strange sort of way, it actually felt exciting! It was humiliating, but Tom couldn’t resist, so he closed his eyes, and started to relax. He actually began to feel a strange pleasurable sensation. It was starting to make him feel sexually excited. Even his own penis started to get hard. This was shameful to him. Was he a fag? He thought. The two other black guys kept holding Tom down, and the third, behind him with his hands opening Tom’s cheeks, kept licking and biting and spitting, thus violating the young lacrosse player’s body in a most intimate way. Tom started to moan and get hard. It went on for several minutes with Tom’s butt crack getting filled with saliva. Then his assailant backed up, and statrted to undo his own trousers, and reveal a huge black dick, which was rock hard solid. He lined it up with the young man’s spit covered anus, and pressed home. It penetrsated the young guys hole, which was already partially relaxed from all the feeling and fondling it endured. Tom felt some pain, but not as much as you would expect. The penis pushed deeper and deeper into the hole, until it could go no further, it was in all the way up to the black man’s balls, which were banging Tom’s much smaller pair. To Tom it felt weird, a dick all the way inside his body. It hurt, yes, but then he started to relax, as though he was about to move his bowels. It seemed as though the dick was going in all the way to his stomach. Tom, in a perverse sense, was almost enjoying it. His body relaxed, and his bowels loosened, his anus got larger, and soon the assailant was pumping in and out, to the cheers of inmates, as that big black dick pulled out, spit and shit came out of Tom’s loose hole. Tom, humiliated and completely submissive, breathed heavy and started to moan louder and louder. He lost the psychological ability to resist, and just started to moan and get almost as loud as his cheering attackers. “Uhh uhh, oh yeah…uhh..uhh, oooo, yeah, more , oo yeah, my ass, more ohh yeah…you are the man…oooo my ass yeah” Tom was actually asking for more! What was the use? He may as well enjoy it! Then the other two took turns on Tom, with the same result. Tom was rock hard and full of sexual delight down there. No use in resisting now! In the end the three black men ejaculated in Tom, and on him as well. Tom, for his part, rolled over on his back, exhausted and flushed red from the experience. He lay there, naked, on his back, his one knee bent, with his shoes still on, covered with cum, his erection gradually receding, and his eyes shut. He was a beauty like that. He was also sexually broken. No future assailant who wanted a piece of him would have any problem. The three looked down and smiled. They knew that they would, in the coming days, make some good money off this beautiful blonde white boy. Wow, what a gorgeous sight, him lying there like that!By this time, of course Randy was led to a different cell block, and to a different set of roommates. He proceeded into a cell occupied, as was the case with his teammate Tom, by three other inmates. In this case, however, two of the other inmates were white, like Randy. The two white guys, one slender and the other bald and overweight were members of some local motorcycle gang. Both sported tattoos on their well muscled arms. Randy nodded at his cell mates, and then sat down on one of the bunks. The black guy looked him over, and nodded to the other two men. Randy, for his part, soon felt the urge to take a leak. The cell, although small for four people, had a sink and a toilet, of course no stall. Randy walked over to the toilet, opened his fly, and proceeded to relieve himself. As he was doing this, he noticed that the skinny white guy was checking him out. “Hey, dude, nice cock you have.” Randy just finished. He felt awkward talking while in the middle of urinating. Finally, he finished and was relieved to be able to close up his fly. After all, what does someone say to a remark like that?“Hey, dude, I here you are one of them University lacrosse players they got locked up in here. I was dying to meet you. Hey, you know you look real cute. How about it, dude, why don’t you and me be bunk buddies? You see my friends? They can be your friends, too? Hey, we all need friends, and you’re real cute? What do you look like naked? Hey, when you get into the showers we will have a better chance to check you out, but how about stripping for us so we can have a preview?” The three men laughed at this. Randy didn’t know what to say. “Look, I am not gay, and I, uhh, don’t like guys looking at me like that. I am not that kind. If you guys want to do that to each other, fine, but count me out!” “Ha, bullshit, you college jocks are all queers! Come on, all those group showers! You guys are always smacking each other on the ass. Hey, I bet you love it when practice is over, so you can check out all your pretty boy buddies in the locker room and in the showers. Hey, is there any guy in particular that you like smacking his ass? I bet there is.” Randy’s face turned red. The truth be told, he was no stranger to the camaraderie of the locker room. And, there were times indeed, after practice, when he did kind of get of rush from touching the buttocks of a teammate. But he still never thought of himself as gay. He was confused. At this point of indecision, the black guy joined the skinny white guy and approached Randy. Randy tried to step back, but hit the wall behind him. Then the skinny white guy said “Get ‘em!” The two rushed foreword, butRandy fought back hard, and after a few minutes of scuffling it seemed, was about to successfully protect his honor, if only temporarily. Then at a pont in the fight where Randy had his two assailants backed up, and he was standing in the middle of the cell, the big fat White Motorcycle dude got up off his bunk, and grabbed Randy from behind, in a chokehold. Randy’s breathing was cut off by this man’s powerful and huge right arm. “I see, guys, you can’t even take care of a college punk, I’ll have to help you two!” Randy struggled, but his breathing was cut off, and soon he was having trouble even staying conscious. The other two laughed, looked at each other and smiled. Then the white one said, “well, let’s have some fun!” Then the two, casually and with little urgency, proceeded to undress Randy, as though it was simply a minor housekeeping chore. They even whistled while they were doing it! Randy, gasping for breath and trying to stay conscious, was soon under no illusions about what was happening. He couldn’t look down, but he felt his clothes getting looser, and felt the air on his skin. Then he wished he would pass out. He remembered the conversation, and even without looking down he knew the truth. These two men were taking off his clothes! He was being stripped naked! His undershirt, which because of the chokehold, could not be pulled over his head, was torn to pieces. His underpants were already removed. A comment came from one of the two about his shaved pubes. Randy was choking, but still conscious. Maybe that is all they are going to do, he thought. But he knew that wasn’t true. Tears started to fill his face and roll down his cheeks. He knew at that point that it was no use. He was going to be raped.Finally, the choke hold was released. Randy, either because he was out of air, or because he was psychologically traumatized, I don’t know, but he fell to his knees. He was entirely naked. In this instance his attackers even took off his shoes and socks. They stood over him. “We got something for you, dude! We got it from the kitchen!” Randy looked up. The thin white guy picked up a can of Crisco and showed it to Randy. “We’ll just apply some!” Then he kicked Randy over, on his hands, and then shoved his face down to the floor, where the black guy held his head down, leaving Randy’s ass on bent knees, high in the air. Randy’s face turned red with shame. The grease was being applied, liberally, to his anus, and all over the area between his buttocks, which were of course wide spread given the position Randy was in. He never had a lot of fat back there anyway. You might say that he had a lot of “fat” there now, though, if you want to make a joke out of it. Randy lay there, on his knees, face held down to the floor by the black guy, with a greased ass. If only he knew, though, what was happening behind him, his level of terror would have been far greater. The truth is his attackers had something more in store for him than just a rape. The huge, fat, ugly and bald, white guy full of tattoos, and with massive arms and fat hands, was covering his right hand with the grease!The other two men looked at each other and grinned. Then they increased there holds on Randy. The black guy really trying to hold Randy’s head and neck, and the skinny white guy bending back Randy’s arm behind his back, almost to the breaking point. This seemed excessive to Randy. After all, he was already subdued. Then the fat guy leaned back, aimed his greased fist at Randy’s greased ass, and, throwing all his weight foreword, threw one massive punch……WHAM!!!! At this point I cannot describe the sound that came out of Randy. It was loud, it was weird. And for a man with a normally deep masculine voice, it was high pitched. Everyone in the prison, guards include, heard it. How could they not. It was like a thousand little girls screaming. It was loud and high pitched. For Randy the pain was unbelievable. It was as though his entire body was being torn in half, like a perverse King Solomon had split him in two like the baby in the story. But this was no King Solomon. This was three cons taking vengeance on a rapist because they knew full well that his money and his lawyers would get him out of here in a few days. And one would have thought that this was biologically impossible, except that it happened. The big fat man’s fist and even his forearm penetrated Randy’s anus and tore right through his sphincter muscles and buried themselves deep inside of the young man. The fat man was literally, up to his right elbow in Randy’s body. It was sick, perverted, and weird. The three attackers let out a loud cheer and released Randy. The fat guy pulled out his arm. It was covered with grease, blood, and excrement. Randy had blood and feces shooting from his now torn open bowels. When he was released he just collapsed, prone on his belly, naked, and spread eagled, on the floor of the cell. Blood and shit flowed from what used to be his anus. It was now a huge, greasy and oozing hole. Then the two other men, copying the fat man, also shoved there hands inside their victim. They didn’t need him on his knees to do this though. And they didn’t need to go about any real effort, either. The hole was large enough to accommodate their arms. They just stood over Randy, knelt down, and shoved their hands up his bare ass, between his spread legs. It was fun for them.Then the three men got up, and washed there hands. And sat back, smiling. Then a guard came by. He saw what happened. He was very angry. “Okay, guys, I can see what happened here! I am not going to tolerate this! Look at this mess! You three are going to clean this cell out now. I am going to get the mops out. This cell is a shithole! Hey, I don’t care who you rape, but I am responsible for the cleanliness of this cell block, and you three better clean up this mess!” Oh, well, every bit of fun has its price, and after Randy’s body was removed and taken to the hospital, they had to scrub the entire floor of the cell for all the blood, grease, shit, spit, cum, etc. etc, etc., that were left there. The guard was right. It was a mess. They resented mopping though. “Hey, how come those college boys never seem to be mopping!” “That shows what you know! I gave mop duty not a half hour ago to the blonde headed kid. You know, its funny, but, according to the two guys he was with, he slipped, fell, his pants came down, and somehow, the mop handle ended up stuck in his rectum. Ain’t that weird?” “Uhh, yeah, yes, sir, its very strange, I don’t know how that could have happened.” Then the guard, and the three inmates all started laughing. In the next two weeks, the two college lacrosse players were released from the jail. The police didn’t have enough evidence. Their lawyers got their confessions tossed out. Many people thought the two got away easily for rape. Tom and Randy knew better. They quite lacrosse, and had to undergo months of hospitalization for there damaged parts. The psychological counseling, however, took years. They learned what it was like to be a victim, and regretted what they had done. For now on, they learned to respect African American women, and not to taunt them, lest they be accused of rape. Justice had been done.

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