09 September 2009


In a separate incident, a man suspected of stealing a car radio, CDs and wheel caps from a taxi, was hunted down and stripped naked by the taxi driver and his brother. The incident took place at Raglan Road at Fingo village.

Taxi driver, Bongani “Stunki” Gedze said they stripped him of his clothes to show residents that he was a thief.

“It worked because he told us where the wheel caps were and we went to his house and got them,” said Gedze.

Gedze stressed, that they never assaulted the suspect and also opened a case at the police station. Inspector Coetzer could not find records of the case. The suspect is still on the loose.

Coetzer said Grahamstown police were concerned about street law enforcement and warned that “vigilantism is viewed in a serious light and is illegal.”

I hope we can get the uncensored pics.

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