17 September 2006

More Humiliating punishment from India

Dalit Man paraded naked

So a Dalit man in Bihar is stripped naked and paraded on the streets because he has dared to try and take home with him the upper caste woman whom his son has married. A Dalit woman is raped in Madhya Pradesh, because she has contested and won an election to a panchayat defeating an upper caste rival. A Dalit youth is battered because he cycled through the upper caste area of his village, on a bicycle acquired with a job. Many of the cases in and around the Capital, reported in the media in the last few years, have involved marriages between Dalits and upper castes. Marriages which represent an assault on the caste system, the very system that has determined that upper castes may trample upon Dalits

Pickpocket paraded naked
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, March 13

A youth, said to be a pickpocket, was paraded naked in the vegetable and fruit market here today. According to a report, the youth was caught red-handed while trying to pick the pocket of a man who has come to purchase vegetables and fruits. The youth was allegedly thrashed by the people and later let off as the police declined to arrest him.

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