17 September 2006

Mob violence

There is another case, the case of a collector who worked for Sam and tried to cheat DeStefano out of his cut. Mad Sam stripped the collector naked, and handcuffed him to a boiling radiator. After and hour, the man screamed "Unk", his name for DeStefano, "Unk, kill me man, please, I'm on fire!"

DeStefano said: "Then we need to put the fire out."

Mad Sam had his boys bring the collector's family out to his restaurant, and treated them to a full course Italian dinner. When the meal was finished, DeStefano's boys, who included Tony Spilotro, brought the naked and severely burned collector to the table and threw him at his mother's feet. Before any of them could go home, DeStefano made them urinate on the collector's body.

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