11 September 2006

Samson's humiliating public punishment-Fiction

The day of the festival finally arrived and the Emperor was
gleefully contemplating what will soon be his ultimate conquest.
The main event at the festival was to have Samson castrated in front
of the guests. The scourge of the Emperor would soon find himself
permanently crippled. Samson would be unable to partake of sexual
gratification; unable to sire children; and most importantly, unable
to foil the Emperor's plans. Samson's loyal followers would cringe
at the sight of their hero. The Emperor would parade the naked,
emasculated Samson throughout the city. Everyone would know the
Emperor had claimed Samson's mighty strength and manhood in victory.
Samson and his allies would be defeated! The Emperor summoned
Delilah and the Priestess so that they could escort him to the

Samson's heart was racing when the guards fetched him from his cell.
He didn't know what the Emperor had in store for him, but he was
sure it would be most unpleasant. As the guards led him to the
temple, he could see the huge audience that was gathering. The
Emperor had many friends and all of them were Samson's enemies. The
crowd moved aside to let the small procession through. The closest
guests could see patches of flesh peeking through the bulging cloth
thong wrapped tightly around his manhood. Samson's sweaty muscles
gleamed and rippled in the sun as they begin climbing the temple
steps. Upon reaching the top, the guards stood Samson on the altar
and bound his compliant arms and legs to a pair of massive stone
columns. His spread-eagled body was stretched upright between the
columns for all the audience to see. The crowd applauded at the
display of the Emperor's most powerful adversary in such a helpless
The Emperor, followed by the Priestess and Delilah, arrived amid a
wildly cheering audience. They climbed the steps to the temple to
join the captive Samson. Once there, the Emperor welcomed his many
guests. He promised them good food, good wine and, pointing at
Samson, good entertainment. Thunderous cheering shook the temple as
the crowd roared their approval. The Emperor and his court sat in
front of the altar, looking down at the hundreds of guests below
them. Samson remained tethered behind and above the royal table,
silently observing his enemies. Food and wine were served and the
Festival of Dagon commenced. Neither the Priestess nor Delilah cast
a glance in Samson's direction, not daring to call down the
Emperor's wrath upon themselves. Hours of gluttony passed by as the
crowd indulged themselves on the Emperor's generous feast.

Finally, the Emperor addressed his guests, cautioning those with
weak appetites to sustain from their meals until after the main
event. He then turned his attention to Samson, walking around the
bound muscleman while telling the story of Samson's capture and
downfall at the hands of Delilah, the Priestess, and himself. The
audience listened intently as the Emperor's story unfolded. Samson
hung his head in shame as the agonizing details of his tortures were
described. The guests cheered when the Emperor finished his tale.
The powerless prisoner remained strapped to the columns, his bulging
legs and arms stretched wide. Long, dark hair flowed around his
face and over his straining shoulders, shielding his anguished
features from view. At the Emperor's command, a multitude of
torture devices were brought to the altar. The Emperor examined the
various implements before taking a short bladed knife. The guests
were silent when he approached Samson. He took the knife and gently
placed the tip into Samson's navel. Samson's muscles strained at
their bindings while the Emperor ran the blade lightly down the
smooth skin. Much to his relief, the blade didn't penetrate the
skin. The Emperor laughed. He enjoyed tormenting his feeble
opponent. When he reached the top band of the thong, the Emperor
plunged the blade straight down into the cloth pouch. Samson gasped
in fear as the blade approached his penis. The Emperor thrust the
blade outward, slicing the thong open. When the cloth surrounding
his loins fell away, Samson's genitals were revealed. The crowd
gasped with delight upon seeing the unnaturally large penis and
balls swinging between Samson's muscled thighs. Given Samson's
marvelous physique and enormously proportioned genitalia, his public
emasculation would be spectacular. The crowd could hardly wait to
see the handsome warrior's balls drained and then removed along with
his penis, reducing him to a passive eunuch. The Emperor tossed the
knife aside and returned to his seat. Samson stood naked and
helpless before the Emperor and his guests.

Olive oil was poured onto Samson's long, pre-cum
dribbling penis. Several pairs of hands were needed to spread the
oil over the massive length and girth of Samson's manhood. Soon,
his erect shaft was shimmering with oil. Even his plump, furry
scrotum was fondled and slathered with olive oil. The guards could
not resist squeezing his gargantuan balls while they smeared oil
across his tightly packed scrotum. The crowd gazed silently at
Samson's muscular body, stretched between the columns, as it was
groped and manhandled by the Emperor's minions. The captive hero
wept as his body was violated by the guards roaming hands. While
Samson writhed on the altar, the Emperor pondered the method of
Samson's imminent castration. Should it be by hot poker? No, he's
seen that before. Perhaps by attaching heavy weights to his balls.
They could stretch until they were ripped off. He was partial to
having leeches placed on Samson's thriving balls. They could eat
their way into his manhood until he begged to have his balls cut
off. The slow agony would be delicious. At last, the Emperor
settled on the means by which Samson would be castrated.

More pre-cum started dribbling from the tip of Samson's erect penis. Standing
high above the gluttonous crowd, Samson stood helpless and ashamed
The crowd grew silent while they watched the huge stud
thrust his hips against the rope. Long, white jets of sperm spewed
forth as Samson's orgasm began. Despite his dire predicament,
Samson was in momentary ecstasy. The feeling of his plentiful balls
being choked to death while he was bound to the columns triggered
his climax. He grunted and moaned with each spurt of thick, hot
gism that erupted into the air. The Emperor and his guests went
wild with excitement. They were witnessing the annihilation of
Samson's heart of virility. His potent juices streamed out for
everyone to see. A pool of sperm rapidly formed between Samson's

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