17 October 2006

3 US soldier mobbed in korea-Suway Incident II - Fall 2002

John Murphy

Three U.S. soldiers happened upon a large group of demonstrators traveling to Kyunghee University Hospital on Saturday to memorialize two girls killed in June by a large U.S. military tracked vehicle, one with tank-like treads.

Murphy, Pvts. Eric Owens and Shane Tucker were returning to their post north of Seoul after a day of shopping in the city. The soldiers belong to division artillery at Camp Red Cloud.

The three soldiers were on their way home to Camp Red Cloud from a weekend shopping trip to Seoul using the local subway when a known pro-North Korean activist, Mr. Seo and his henchmen approached them and then assaulted the three soldiers which led to a brawl between the soldiers and the activists.

The soldiers fleeing the mob that was assaulting them, fled from the subway and were further chased by the mob outside of the subway. Korean riot police who were stationed near a hospital due to an unrelated protest intervened and rescued two of the soldiers from the mob. The third soldier captured by the mob was taken to a local stadium, beaten and paraded in front of a cheering crowd, and then forced to make coerced statements on national Korean TV with help from the Korean police before being handed over.


c said...

it would have been nice if they were stripped naked in korea

c said...

it would have been nice if the american soldiers were stripped naked in korea

Constantine said...

HAHA! nice! much better for them!