31 October 2006

Private Thomas William Josh- Cannibal victim

Yuki Tanaka, Japanese researcher in his book "Hidden Horrors" mentioned report from Archemi village. He omitted names having in mind family of KIA soldier.
Report of Lt. McFie written 20 May 1945:

"In the morning 9-th of March 1945 about 0900, together with late sgt Sewell we found body of private Josh KIA 8-th of March.
The body was in following state:

(a) all cloth was removed
(b) both hands cut off close to armpits
(c) stomach was removed together with heart, liver and entrails
(d) all muscles cut off from the bones
(e) we could not find hands, heart and entrails
(f) the only untouched body parts were head and feet.
Japanese mess tin full of apparently human meat was about five feet from body of Pvt Josh, right between two dead japanese soldiers."

Private Thomas William Josh, 27 years old from Marrickville, (Sydney suburb), textile worker, married... was eaten by Japanese.

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