17 October 2006

Roman captain degrading execution-FICTION

It was time for fun with the females who had been set aside in the large makeshift pens. Before they could begin, the defeated Captain of the Roman army was brought before Krull. He had been saved until all of his men had been slaughtered, and carefully guarded through the night. He remained in his full battle dress. That was the only dignity afforded him. It was best for the victors that he witness his entire army being destroyed. The man was, like Krull, a true warrior and it was a necessary ritual that he be totally crushed by his conqueror. The Roman was held by two of Krull's most powerful guards, while a third and fourth stripped him naked before his conquerer, throwing his armor and uniform to the watching rabble of Barbarian warriors. He was a large, rugged man with incredible muscle tone. Every sinew and muscle rippled under his sleek skin. He had no fat. He was a remarkable find, worthy of a full ceremonial execution. A beautiful young slave woman knelt before him, took his penis into her mouth, and skilfully encouraged the considerable male member to stand at rigid attention. The young slave girl was so excited at the violent events of the afternoon and at being selected to take part in the execution, to service the impressive sex organ of the conquered leader of the Roman army, a man who had been her master only hours before, that she lost bladder control, and urinated a prodigious stream onto the sand as she took the naked warrior's full erection into her throat. This was an honor she could hardly believe she had been given. He was an imposing man in every way. It took both the slave girl's hands to cup his free-swinging testicles. When she released them, it was clear that the man was not only a soldier, but was also an impressive stud. The Roman was forced to squat, with his knees wide spread. His wrists were bound behind him, rendering him harmless, and then straps were used to bind his ankles to his upper legs, keeping them tightly bent so that he could not stand. Now Krull stood and walked around his vanquished Captain, inspecting this marvelous male specimen. He was pleased to have defeated such a striking foe. It was the ultimate victory to conquer such a leader. He used the flat of his sword to slap the man's buttocks, striking him so hard that he raised angry red welts on the naked male flesh. The fierce blows forced the bound nude warrior to move raised up on his toes, on which he was precariously balanced on the sand. Krull was skilfully and with purpose manoeuvring his prized captive so that his feet opposed each other with his legs spread, and his testicles swung between his raised heels. When he had the Roman in exactly the right position, he placed the tip of his sword into the curls of the Roman General's hairy chest, and gently pushed. The defeated warrior struggled to maintain his balance, but at last fell over backward, and the action brought his heals together, completely and efficiently crushing his balls with the force of his own weight. Strangely, the destruction of his testicles drove a last gush of semen from the warrior's penis, which landed on his face. The guards lifted the vanquished Roman General back up onto his feet in the forced crouching position, with his destroyed testicles dangling as flattened pulp in their flesh sack. His penis had deflated, but was still impressive as it dangled from his shiny puff of dark pubic curls. Even in this moment of total defeat and humiliation, the great warrior was impressive. Krull further humiliated his captive by pissing on his face, washing away the sticky semen. Then with a single blow of his great sword, he decapitated the squatting naked and totally defeated warrior. This was a fitting end for a man who had lost such a great fortune in slaves, and had also lost a great batalion of soldiers. No mercy was due a Roman General who could not properly protect Ceasar's property.

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