26 August 2006

Cannibal victim

Ninety minutes later, Brian was beginning to regain consciousness. Things were slowly coming into focus. He realized that he was hanging upside down by his ankles. His wrists were suspended on either side of his body by ropes from the ceiling, keeping them a foot away from his hips.
Brian moved his head to look below him. He saw a large drain directly beneath his suspended body. It was obvious that he was hanging in a basement. Hearing a metallic sound to his right, Brian turned his head. He saw Mike sorting through some metal instruments. Mike was naked except for a white plastic apron covering his front side. Brian knew his young life was about to come to an end. Tears filled his eyes, before falling to the drain below. He began to moan.

“Just in time,” said Mike, picking up a large knife. “Guess you’re wondering what’s going to become of you.” Brian saw the knife and struggled uselessly against the ropes.

“Not many people know just how delicious human flesh is,” said Mike, squeezing one of Brian’s meaty legs, “Especially the beefy flesh of a muscular college jock, like yourself.”

Brian nearly passed out. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Now he knew what had become of all the college boys who had disappeared over the past couple of years. His beautiful body was about to be butchered and devoured by this cannibal. Mike stooped down and grabbed the back of Brian’s head. The boy was screaming into the gag in his mouth as Mike slit his young throat.
Blood splattered the floor surrounding the drain. Wet gurgling noises came from the deep wound in Brian’s neck as his struggling lessened. Soon, there was no more struggling at all -- just a lot of blood pouring into the drain.

Mike slid a five-gallon bucket in front of the hanging jock. He took the knife and cut away Brian’s healthy cock and balls, setting them on a nearby table. Then he slit open the boy’s belly, carefully slicing through the thick ab muscles. He began pulling out internal organs, letting them drop into the bucket. Before long, Brian was completely gutted.

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