22 August 2006

Officer Ricci torments

He grinned at the helpless young policeman, still bound hand and foot. The CFers holding him dropped him to the floor. Jake again spoke up: "I'll be your guide during your visit to Hell. I have been assigned as your main trainer and it is my responsibility to use all of our very ample resources to reduce you to a slobbering sex slaveJake ran his hands over Ricci's hairy, big chest, skirting around his nipples. Then he grabbed Ricci's right nip and twisted it sharply. Jake smirked at him: "Our program is simple. We break your mind and your body. That's all there is to it. We break your mind by humiliation and sexual defilement." With one quick swipe of his hand he stripped off Ricci's briefs, leaving him naked. The CFers whistled and hooted when they saw Ricci's big cock and balls. Jake grabbed Ricci's cock and pulled on the half-hard shaft: Then he added: "There will be a change this time. We've broken many blueboys in the past, but this time we're going to make a documentary out of it. We're going to videotape your training! You'll be a star! We'll make a lot of money selling it on the web, and, we'll be sending a copy back to your precinct office, along with selected still shots. I think your fellow coppers and roach bosses will enjoy seeing you get fucked and screaming under the whip!"

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