07 August 2006

Abu Gharib Scandal- Iraq

Summary of Leaked Red Cross Report
on Iraqis Tortured in US Custody

Handcuffing with flexi-cuffs that caused long-term after effects, such as nerve damage
Beatings with hard objects, including rifle and pistol butts
Punching and kicking, especially to the legs, sides, lower back and groin
Pressing the detainee's face into the ground with boots
Threats of reprisals against family members, transfer to Guantanamo Bay or imminent execution of the prisoner
Stripping naked of prisoners for days at a time
Being made to stand naked against a cell wall, handcuffed to the bars, paraded through wards naked, wearing women's underwear, etc
Holding in solitary confinement, sometimes for extremely long periods of time
Food deprivation
Water deprivation
Sleep deprivation
Forced stress positions, such as squatting, for prolonged periods
Combinations of sensory deprivation and sensory overstimulation, such as hooding of inmates combined with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in excess of 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) or exposure to loud noise

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