05 August 2006

Thief stripped paraded naked-India and Africa


Suspected thief paraded naked: A young migrant from UP, Rajesh Kumar, was paraded naked in a street of Nanak Nagar and parts of the New Sabzi Mandi in the Salem Tabri area here yesterday afternoon by some other migrants who suspected him of having committed a theft in the area. According to information, Rajesh Kumar was allegedly beaten up by a group of migrants before they stripped him naked and compelled him to walk through the lanes. Later, the suspected thief was tied with the help of a rope and was interrogated by other migrants


Mob violence and summary justice directed against suspected thieves and those suspected of practicing witchcraft and other crimes reportedly continued to result in a number of deaths and serious injuries. Although the number of reported cases of mob killings had diminished in past years, increased crime in the major cities of Douala and Yaounde caused a rise in such incidents during the year. On April 5, a thief was stripped naked, beaten unconscious, and burned alive by a mob. On March 9, a mob reportedly killed two suspected thieves by burning tires around their necks. On April 14, a crowd of citizens in Buea, Southwest Province, beat to death Jean-Paul Kamdem and Alfred Mbakwa Fowa, alleged members of a gang that stole electronic items from a businessman's home (see Section 1.c.).

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