20 August 2006

Rebel Foday Sankoh-Beaten paraded naked street- Sierra Leone

Mr Sankoh was on Wednesday handed over to British forces who whisked him away in a military helicopter.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Sankoh was paraded naked in the street by Sierra Leonean soldiers before he was handed over.

Witnesses have told journalists he was spotted next door to his home early on Wednesday, and local residents tipped off the authorities.

Reports say Mr Sankoh was wounded in the leg during the brief gun battle which followed, and is said to have been stripped naked before being taken to military headquarters.
He was taken onto the British helicopter on a stretcher.

Other Sources:
When he reappeared he was accompanied by one armed guard, who was injured as the arrest was made.

Some reports said Mr Sankoh was being held by the UN

According to one account, Scorpion shot the bodyguard, and the bullet passed through his body, hitting Mr Sankoh in the foot.

The shooting drew a crowd, who stripped the rebel leader naked.

"He is an animal, so he should be naked like an animal," Scorpion was quoted as saying.

The naked Mr Sankoh was taken from the scene of his arrest - outside his own ransacked house - to the compound of pro-government militia leader Johnny Paul Koroma.

From there he was moved to Sierra Leone Army headquarters, and flown on to a secret location by British forces.

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