06 August 2006

Jewish Talmud laws

Corpse Hanged Naked After Death

As mentioned above, the condemned is stripped naked for before stoning (Tractate Sanhedrin 44b). Following the stoning, the corpse is hanged on public display (Tractate Sanhedrin 44b, Tractate Sanhedrin 46a). No mention is made of re-clothing the corpse between these two procedures. To some, hanged naked and bloody in public after death would be the ultimate indignity, and no one would consider it an honor.

Comparison of Male and female Execution in public

Another issue that interfered with the visual efficiency of public execution was the hanging and burning of women. After the execution of a male criminal, his body was stripped naked, turned upside down, and placed in the market for an added visual effect (Burford 110). Since a woman’s body was viewed as unclean and perverse, an executed female criminal’s deceased body received a different added visual effect. A female criminal was executed by hanging and then her corpse burned to a crisp in front of the general population (Burford 30). This in turn made the visual _expression of the king toward women quite evident. His treatment of women’s deceased body was opinioned by the populace to display a greater amount of cruelty then toward a male’s corpse. Therefore, the women populace increased their hatred for the sovereign due to this inhumane treatment of a female’s corpse.

Only a man was stripped naked prior to execution. A woman would have been allowed a covering over her bosom, not for her own modesty’s sake, but in order to prevent the priests from lusting after her naked body. We have already discussed the parting of his garments by the temple captains in another chapter. After Yahshua had been stripped, he was offered the compassionate drink of wine and olibanum (myrrh and laudanum, a narcotic mixed with watered wine) by the wealthy women of Jerusalem.
And coming to a place called Golgotha

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