26 August 2006

Douglas Brian Peterson paraded in Vietnam

Upon ejection and subsequent parachute landing (I landed in a tree), I
sustained multiple injuries - broken shoulder, arm, severely dislocated
knee, compression fractures of both ankles plus cuts and bruises. I was, of
course, incapacitated and only semi-conscious prior to my actual capture
which occurred within a few hours after landing. I was captured by a large
search party from a near-by village, consisting of mostly civilians armed
with spears, hoes, shovels, etc. A few men were armed with military rifles.
Their actions were pretty typical for the time - rough and determined; much
anger. I was immediately stripped of everything except my undershorts, my
clothes virtually being ripped off. The prize was my wrist watch. Without
regard for injuries (the darkness was a definite disadvantage to me), I was
tied with ropes and led or perhaps a better word is dragged, to the nearest
hamlet. Incidentally, the Vietnamese are experts in the use of ropes.
Interrogation began immediately. At dawn I was loaded on a very old
motorcycle with side car and paraded through several villages, which
resulted in further injury. It was actually a relief to finally arrive at my
new "home", the Hanoi Hilton. This relief was short lived as interrogation
once again began immediately. I remained in the interrogation room for four

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