06 August 2006

Cruxifixion details

A sedile, or a seat, was often attached to the cross, for the purpose of taking the man's weight off the wrists. This was most likely a simple peg or slab of wood, upon which the man would rest. A nail was often pounded through the penis, into the sedile, as a means of securing the male to the seat.
Our Father, glorious is your name,” slurred out the dying man on the strange cross. For he was crucified upside down, nails pinned separately through each ankle to hold the weight strongly, and his arms pinned by nails through his forearms as well. Naked, his balls hung loosely, their sack reaching almost to his bellybutton, but the end of his penis was nailed to the wood behind him to keep his body from ballooning out. Everyone there knew the custom, for crucifixions were as common as weeds in those days of the demon infested, Emperor Nero, whom nobody dared talk about because of his spies everywhere.

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