26 August 2006

Jericho humiliation

The Jericho Humiliation

President Mahmoud Abbas received another slap in the face from Israel, the USA and the United Kingdom when they failed to coordinate with him the urgency of the situation in the Jericho prison. Formally on March 8, a letter signed by Jake Walles, the US Consul General and John Jenkins the UK Consul General, was sent to Mahmoud Abbas and possibly a copy to the Israeli government. The letter did not reflect the urgency of the situation, specially the issue of the safety of the monitors-jailers. Jericho was safe and secure, and Palestinian officials treated the letter in a routine fashion, and expected to negotiate the issues. The abrupt departure of the monitors, and immediate siege of the prison by Israeli forces indicated collusion.

The humiliation of the police force stripped naked as they surrendered backlashed in the face of the President who was out of the country in Europe fund raising for the cash starved PA, unable to pay yet the February salaries of its employees.

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