20 August 2006

Man stripped naked lashed in public

George Darko Akoto,
Service Manager of the Tema branch of GNTC Motors, wasarrested on 11thMay, 1983 on suspicion of stealing car plugs. On the orders of Sgt Mensah,Regional Police PDC Chairman, and Cpl Atsu of the Ghana Army, Akoto was stripped naked inthe full view of the public, including his wife and visiting friends, and given 28 lashes on hisback by Atsu. Akoto was also attacked by other inmates of his cell at the offices of the PDC atTema, popularly called The White House. During the nine days he was in custody, Atsu andother soldiers would come for him from time to time and kick and beat him up. Although Akotodied before he could give evidence before the Commission, he submitted medical reports whichsatisfy us that he was severely assaulted while in custody.

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