07 August 2006

US Marine Lt. Colonel William Higgins

US Marine Lt. Colonel William Higgins was abducted in 1988 by a Hezbollah linked group known to be under the direct command of Mugniyah. Two years later, a ghastly video was released showing a man, thought to be Colonel Higgins, hanging from a ceiling after being tortured. Shortly thereafter, the dead body of Colonel Higgins was dumped on the side of the road in front of the US embassy in Beirut.

Monday, July 31, 1989
(UPI) -- Pro-Iranian extremists said they hanged Marine Lt. Col. William Higgins Monday in retaliation for the Israeli abduction of a Hezbollah spiritual leader. The Organization of the Oppressed on Earth released a videotape of a man who appeared to be Higgins hanging from a gallows Monday and said they had killed him at 3 p.m.

Tuesday, December 24, 1991
(AP) -- The body of American hostage Lt. Col. William Higgins was turned over to U.S. diplomats Monday after officials identified the remains, which were dumped on a roadside during the weekend. The identification of Higgins, another step in U.N.-led hostage negotiations, means all but one of the American captives have been accounted for.

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