31 August 2006

Captured by amazon-Paraded naked

Orithia, Queen of the Amazons, leads the magnificent triumphal
procession through the gates of Themiscrya, the capital city of the
Amazon Empire. She is followed by the ten thousand warrior women of the
triumphant Amazon army. Each Amazon leads two or more conquered male
warriors by a leash that is fastened either around his neck or around
his testicles. All of these men have been stripped naked by the women
who have conquered them. The wrists of each man is securely bound behind
his back with a rawhide thong. Though the head of each man is bowed in a
posture of humiliation and shame, he still towers above she who leads
him naked upon a leash as though he were a dog…………………

Throngs of women line both sides of the streets as these conquered male
slaves are paraded naked before them. And the women taunt and tease
these men and they make cruel sport of them. The penis of every man has
swelled into a throbbing erection. Thus does he reveal to the multitude
of women that he is being paraded naked before his secret inner craving
to be conquered and then dominated by a member of the superior female
sex, and to bear the weight of her foot upon his neck. A woman of
Themiscrya knows well the meaning of an erect penis on a vanquished male
enemy. Thus are these men greeted by wolf whistles and cat calls from
the daughters of Amazonia…………

At the very head of the procession my headless carcass lies upon it’s
back upon my huge bronze shield as it is carried by six of my mightiest
warriors. The heads of these six once proud men are bent in a posture of
humiliation and shame as they march naked through the streets of
Themiscrya. A haughty Amazon warrior walks on either side of the shield.
Each of these two women makes sure that the three men who are under her
domination stay in step as these men stagger under the weight of the
heavy bronze shield that they bear upon their shoulders………

Orithia, Queen of the Amazons, stands triumphant upon the shield with
one foot placed arrogantly upon my chest. The daughters of the Amazon
Nation give their Queen a thunderous ovation as she holds my severed
head high in the air for all to see. At last my senses fade to
blackness. And the last thought that remains in my mind is the
realization that Madame Zara’s prophesy has indeed come true! For I have
now entered the great Amazon city of Themiscrya with my head held

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