06 August 2006

King Anouvong of Laos paraded naked in Siam(Thailand)

King Anouvong 1768-1829 The Courageous King Anuvong Sayasethathiraj Iii According to the scripture engraved on the stone in front of Wat Sisaket, King Anuvong was also called King Sayasethathiraj Iii. King Anuvong was a very courageous leader and had defeated the enemy's aggression in numerous battlefields. One of his importanmiserable works forced upon them; this caused them to seek independence from Siam. The Thai perceived King Anuvong as a vicious rebel; however, Lao people recognized him as a hero, a courageous king who sacrificed himself for self-determination and the freedom of Laos. In 1827 King Anuvong led the Lao people to fight against the invasion and occupation of Siam. The Lao Army fought its last battle in Korat City to regain independence where it was then defeated by the trick of Nang Mo Ms. Mo or Thao Souranary named by the Thai people who seduced Lao soldiers by liquor and ladies. King Anuvong was chained, tortured, and paraded naked around the city of Bangkok. ...

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