03 August 2006

Japanese Atrocities

Castrated marine with his genitals stuffed in his mouth

Japanese Atrocity towards Allied Pow's

The first time i read this story I got hooked up.. I wonder if its true or just a fiction so I emailed the author of the articles to verify. He told me that this story really happen and he got proof. actually he emailed me a pic of castrated soldier, saw that one before but his copy is more clear and with color. He told me he will share his stories and collections of pics.There were about fifty of those atrocity photos altogether, and a number of them were of poor quality, probably due to poor taking conditions. All were clear enough to easily discern though and several I remember very vividly. One of the most memorable depicted a tall man, probably in his late twenties, with neat, curly, bushy hair and a well-trimmed beard, standing very straight, his hands pinioned behind his back. I remember that he had very fine features. He was naked, with his pants and shorts down around his ankles. He had an enormous, nearly ten inch cock, which was standing up full erect and his quite large balls were hanging down low. The photo was well taken at about six feet from the subject with the cameraman apparently squatting and his camera aimed upward. A Japanese soldier, wearing only a cap and Japanese style sshorts wass standing beside the prisoner. In his left hand he held his bayonet poised about a foot above the prisoner's crotch and he was gripping the head of the prisoners cock firmly between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand and stretching it outward. The prisoner was standing quiet and composed and appeared to be quite calm. I was especially mindful of how he seemedto be staring in fascination at his threatened manhood. In the background could be seen at least a dozen more onlooking Japanese soldiers, all smiling, perrhaps waiting for the 'Trophy' to be collected and tossed to them for inspection.Another photo was of the same prisoner taken only a moment or two after the first. He was still standing in the same position, only now he had a look of painful shock and surprise on his face. Both of his arms had been freed and his hands were clutched tightly over his crotch, blood oozing from between his fingers. The bayonet in the left hand of the Japanese soldier was hanging down at his left side and in his right hand which was raised up over his head, still gripped firmly by the head, was the prisoners entire penis, scrotum and both testicles for all to see. The soldiers in the background were all clapping their hands and appeared to be cheering.Several of the photos showed Japanese soldiers proudly displaying newly acquired trophies with the donator standing or lying nearby clutching his mutilated crotch. There was one photo of two Japanese soldiers, both completely naked, standing at each end of a large table, each displaying his own full erection and in each hand they were holding up a very large set of male genitals, all from blacks it looked like. On the table between them, arranged for full view were at least fifty more sets of genitals, some blacks and some whites. I know this figure is correct because I counted them.Others of the photos were variations of the first prisoner's emasculation. The captives were either tied to stakes or nearby trees. In all of them, it was especially notable how those who had not been blindfolded and thusly allowed to watch their emasculation, each seemed to be staring in utter enthrallment and horror at their threatened tokens of manhood. All that I could see, also had a full erection but because of the way some of the photos were taken I could not tell if they all did or not.I would have to say that the most unforgetable photos in the collection though were the four of a very goodlooking young blonde boy, in his late teens or very early twenties, about 5'10" tall, and weighing not much more than 165 lbs. He had the typical cherubic 'All American' face and had probably just been captured. The first of the four photos showed him being held helpless by his captors back up against a tree, naked from the waist down, his pants and shorts lying on the ground nearby. His genitals were very visible in the photo. His cock was quite typical of the cocks you see so often in American High School showerr rooms, circumcised, near eight inches long when erect, a noticably wide head with flaring corona and always hanging not quite flacid. Possibly he was already reacting to the exposure and fondling.The second photo was of the youth a moment later. His cock is now standing up full erect and he is grimmacing in obvious pain as one of his captors has a fist clamped around his scrotum, undoubtedly squeezing.The third photo shows one of his captors standing in front of him with a bayonet poised in one hand at the ready and the thumb and forefinger of his other hand looped tightly around the base of the youth's cluster. The look on the youth's face has changed to one of fearful apprehension and he is obviously staring in utter fascination at his threatened manhood.The fourth photo shows the youth standing free, leaning back against the tree with both hands clutched forlornly over his crotch, blood oozing from between his fingers. On his face is a look of shock, surprise and pain. The Japanese soldier who wielded the bayonet is holding up what he has just sliced free from the youth's crotch. There is a look of triumph on his face as he proudly displays his newly acquired prize for all to see.Other pictures depict sexual tortures prior to castration or in lieu of castration; crushing of the balls between rocks, multiple piercings of the cock and balls with bamboo splinters, nails and even knives, twisting of the balls until they burst from the sac, pounding of the cock between rocks, burning of the cock and/or balls with fire, and many others that I can't even begin to describe. It is newly captured prisoners that these tortures are especially applied to...it bringing the quickest results in the quest for enemy information.The Japanese 'Foreskin Complex' was quite evident in a few of the photos. One such photo showed a Japanese with a completely naked white captives standing on each side of him. They were all three facing the camera. With his right hand the Japanese was pulling extremely taunt the long foreskin of the uncircumcised nude on his right and with his left hand he was doing the same with the long foreskin of the uncircumcised nude on his left. The Japanese was laughing, enjoying the display of foreskin he was giving his viewers. The Japanese consider it very humiliating to be seen in public with the foreskin covering the glans.One photo was a close-up of a penis, still attached to a young American prisoner who was still alive. The penis had been nailed to the top of a three foot high post by a large spike down through the center of the glans. The testicles were also nailed to the sides of the post below the penis by a large spike through the center of each testicle. (This form of genital torture is well known in many countries and the victim on the recieving end of the crucified cock and balls is usually forced to somehow pull himself away from the post....thus adding to his pain and mutilation).A 'posed' photo in the collection depicted an obviously embarrassed naked prisoner standing next to a Japanese who had his index finger stuck all the way up inside the prisoners stretched urethra. The prisoner's penis was grotesquely huge and misshappen, indicating that it had been worked over for some time before it was able to 'take' a finger all the way up inside it. I have since heard that the Japanese, fascinated by the large American penis, often chose a prisoner with an exceptionally large penis and inserted objects into the urethra, each time a larger object until the urethra was so stretched that it could accomodate a small Japanese penis all the way up inside it.Possibly the most horrid photos in the set dealt with fire. They were of prisoners tied to trees, etc., and smoke coming up from between their legs. One photo showed two nakedd prisoners tied facing each other, their genitals tied together by a short piece of wire and a Japanese holding a burning torch beneath their genitals. I have also since learned that the Japanese were very prone to using fire as a torture. They quite often burned prisoner's genitals off with red hot irons, welding torches, etc. They would rub gasoline or some other flammable liquid on the prisoner's penis, the irritation causing an erection, and then set it on fire. Sometimes they would immediately snuff out the fire and threaten to go through the procedure again unless the prisoner talked....the penis having been ruined anyway, whether the prisoner talked or not.According to Anthropologist, Felix Byrk, the Japanese are among the most 'Phallic' minded race on earth. It is not unusual for a mother to show-off her new born son to admirers by displaying his penis. The Japanese, who have a volumnous erotic art tradition, at one time glorified the Ainu, the hairy aborigine of the Japanese islands whose penis is larger than this Mongolian intruders. Then, upon contact with the west, and the discovery that the white man had an even larger penis, it was the white man who became the glorious satyr of their erotic art. (Later, during the post WWII occupation years and the discovery that the American black had an even bigger penis, the black man became the honored satyr). Upon entering the war, most Japanese men had absolutely no contact with Westerners, except through their erotic art. Little wonder, then, as to their sexual curiosity, and treatment, of 'our boys'! Not all of the sadism during the Pacific War however was on the part of the Japanese. There are numerous stories of American sadism, even against their own men. One rather amusing story was related by an ex-Marine who claims that a medical officer in his company finished the war with two gallon jars full of pickled foreskins. This story was verified as true not too long ago when two gallon jars filled with pickled foreskins were sold in a private auction in Connecticut. It seems that as new recruits were assigned to the company and reported for their first medical, he would take the 'Uncuts' into his office and demand that they authorize an immediate circumcision, saying that it was an order of the company commander, (a lie of course). Being in the middle of the Pacific on an island, with a war raging, he met with little resistance. He also spared little pain killer medicine according to the report and the other men in the company knew what happened when a new man spent the first couple of days in sickbay, and later appeared in the shower with a bandaged cock. They nicknamed these men 'Andycocks'...the medics name was Anderson.One of the most horrible atrocity scenes I have ever heard about was described to me by an eyewitness from the Korean War. The eyewitness's army unit had been ambushed and he managed to escape and hide in some nearby trees, where he watched in horror as his buddies were mutilated.All of the captives were stripped naked and their hands were tied behind their backs to their feet. As they lay on the ground, their genitals were extremely vulnerable. The North Koreans then began hacking at the American's genitals with their trenching tools, sometimes taking several hits before the genitals were eventually hacked off. The bloody wounds were then cauterized with torches and the prisoners abandoned. Only three men out of the whole company survived the brutal torture and emasculation counting the eyewitness.The extreme intensity of the penis fixation of the Orientals was again demonstrated in Viet Nam. A conservative estimate has it that somewheres around one hundred thousand (100,000) American soldiers fell victim to a practice that has come to be referred to as 'Viet Style Circucmcision', which was nothing more than the age old practice of battlefield emasculation of the enemy.I will conclude these three sections about the 'Castration Complex, Arab-African Sadism, and War Atrocitiesd with one final observation!The American, so naive and vulnerable...so unaware that most of the world thinks of him as a 'sex hero' to be plucked. Men have always equated military power with sexual power...jealousy. After traveling around the world and spending time with the Arabs, I often wonder about the American army which will, inevitably meet an Arab army somewhere in the Mid-East. What will the lusty, castration minded Arabs do to 'our boys'?


bookoo said...

In the book "Inside the death factory" writtn by a female nurse who served in Vietnam she writes of an incident she experienced. An entire squad of GIs were captured by the Viet Cong. They were stripped and bound. All were castrated and their severed genitals shoved in their mouths. Those that survived if you can call living the rest of your life sexless living, were brought in for treatment. She saw these freshly made eunuchs.

albert said...

Hi Constantine,

I was wondering if you would be able to share or exchange with me the 50 photos you mentioned above. I am starting a collection of photos of Japanese war atrocities.

I look forward to hearing from you.

albert said...

Hi Constantine,

I was wondering if you would be able to share or exchange with me those 50 photos mentioned above. I am starting a collection of photos of japanese war atrocities, and those would make a great addition. i am more than happy to share with you what i have so far.

i look forward to hearing from you.

Constantine said...

Hi, I dont have it... I just copied that trasnscript online, its not my word.

Logan Lauren said...

Where did you get this from?? It's annoying that you describe these "photos" but don't include them!

Logan Lauren said...

Where did you get this from??? It's annoying that you describe these "photos" but don't include them!

Scott said...

Hi Constantine

Can you say where this information was written or posted? From where is the source?

梁东华 said...

Hi Constantine!

Would you tell me the website where you copied this story?I want to contact with the writer.I am a student majoring in history subject in the university.

i look forward to hearing from you.Thank you!

gabriel vasquez said...

Can you please pm me the pictures or post it here? Thank you